Miami’s ‘Moonlight’ leads Best Picture Oscar contenders

(WSVN) - “Moonlight” might be our hometown favorite, but the hard-hitting drama has plenty of competition in a crowded race for Hollywood’s ultimate prize this Sunday: the Academy Award for Best Picture.

If you haven’t seen the nine movies nominated for best picture, it’s OK. We’ve got you covered.

“La La Land” is the heavy Oscar favorite. Starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, it’s a throwback to Hollywood’s golden age of musicals.

Prozac won’t cut it after watching “Manchester by the Sea,” but therapy might help. Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams star in the gut-wrenching drama set in a New England fishing town.

“Moonlight” has a special place in our hearts because it’s set in Miami. But the film’s story of a black gay man growing up in Liberty City is being hailed as a true movie masterpiece.

“Hidden Figures” is the true story of three African-American women whose brilliance behind the scenes at NASA helped america win the space race.

Denzel Washington directed and stars in “Fences” along with Viola Davis. This adaptation of August Wilson’s play tells the story of a frustrated baseball player who never got a turn at bat in the desegregated Major Leagues.

“Hacksaw Ridge” is Mel Gibson’s drama of a World War II army medic who refused to kill the enemy — while still saving 75 American soldiers while under fire.

“Hell or High Water” follows two Texas brothers robbing banks to save their family ranch.

Amy Adams is communicating with extraterrestrials that land on Earth in “Arrival.”

And “Lion” follows Dev Patel as an Australian man out to rediscover his Indian roots.

It’s a jam-packed field of films. Which is the Oscar’s favorite? Find out Sunday night.

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