Someone call Doc Brown and Marty McFly, because we are about to go back to the future. We don’t need a time-traveling DeLorean; we just need to head to Miami. There’s a brand-new pop-up that’s a flashback to one of Miami’s original hot spots, and it’s staying true to its roots.

What’s old is new again.

Tobacco Road is back. Sort of.

Matthew “Kush” Kuscher: “This is just a tribute to the greatest dive bar in Miami history.”

The guys behind Kush Wynwood and Spillover teamed up with some of Tobacco Road’s original owners to create a pop-up called Tobacco Road by Kush.

Matthew “Kush” Kuscher: “We are doing making a museum version of the Tobacco Road that you remember.”

Christina Cernuda: “I’m experiencing something that’s a blast from the past.”

Tobacco Road was the oldest bar in Miami when it closed in 2014.

Well, now it’s got new life.

Matthew “Kush” Kuscher: “To me, doing a tribute to this is a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t I want to be a part of the greatest dive bar in Miami history? It’s what I love about this city, is bringing out the best culture and what it is and just bringing back that stuff so we don’t forget about the good stuff.”

The pop-up is in Brickell and just down the street from the original Tobacco Road.

And this new edition is pretty close to the original.

Matthew “Kush” Kuscher: “We like to say we blacked out, woke up six years later and two doors down, and that’s where the original location is. Since we partnered up with the original owners, we actually got all the memorabilia, so we got the original signage and all the fun stuff that decorated the walls all those years.”

Cristina Cernuda: “I think the décor is spot on. A lot of the original signage is gorgeous. I love the neon and all of the photography of the bands. I think it really does it justice.”

It wouldn’t be a bar without booze.

Matthew “Kush” Kuscher: “We also have some dive bar chic cocktails.”

In other words, the drinks have Miami flair and flavors, like guava and jalapeño.

Even the menu got a makeover. But they stayed true to the classics.

Tobacco Road’s Death Burger has been brought back to life.

Matthew “Kush” Kuscher: “I had to work with the owners to make sure we perfected the essence of what it was and what it is now, and we got the two thumbs up from them, so I’m really happy about that one.”

They haven’t decided how long the pop-up will be in town, so, in other words…

Matthew “Kush” Kuscher: “If you want to go to the greatest bar in Miami, why wouldn’t you want to check it out? Come on, we are waiting for you.”

Tobacco Road by Kush
650 S Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33130

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