Miami’s Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog gets his own show

Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog is no stranger to the 305. That’s right. His finger-lickin’ food has been lighting up taste buds in South Florida for a while. But now he’s taking his talents across the country in his new show “Jeremiah Bullfrog Forks It.”

Miami’s chef Jeremiah Bullfrog is taking parts of the USA by storm in his new show “Jeremiah Bullfrog Forks It.”

Jeremiah Bullfrog: “It’s basically me traveling around the country eating, cooking. We like to call it grubbing and swagging.”

By swagging, he means…

Jeremiah Bullfrog: “We have to bring a little bit of Miami everywhere we go.”

From the East Coast to the West, he’s cooking up grub that fits each city he finds himself in.

Jeremiah Bullfrog: “Each episode is focused around the culture of the city.”

For instance, in Chicago…

Jeremiah Bullfrog: “The Windy City, did a deep dish pizza.”


Jeremiah Bullfrog: “Atlanta, huge on soul food. Oakland, we mash up two of the oldest cultures — Chinese and Mexican.”

The show is one giant mix of everything. You’ll learn from it and laugh at it, as you indulge in Chef Jeremiah’s journey.

Jeremiah Bullfrog: “It’s a cooking show in that you’re watching it, but you don’t know — is it a party? Are we eating in the best restaurants? Are you learning to cook? You’re doing everything at the same time.”

Monday night’s episode brings us home — to the 305.

Jeremiah Bullfrog: “All you can eat, all you can drink. There’s a reason why they call this the no. 1 party in Miami.”

Jeremiah Bullfrog: “Miami is a huge gumbo pot, and we’re just like a mixture of everything. It’s hot, it’s sexy and it’s Latin. You put it on a plate, everyone’s gonna be happy.”

He’s got that right, but before the episode airs, Jeremiah’s also serving up duck — lots of it.

His second annual Duck Duck Goose event features different chefs cooking up their best duck recipes. And it’s going down Sunday at The Anderson Bar in North Miami.

Jeremiah Bullfrog: “We got everything from like ramen noodles to grits with a duck egg. Every chef does something different. You come, you sample everything, you’re full, you’re happy, you’re drunk.”

You can watch the show on the go90 app.

Each episode is broken down into three segments that last about seven minutes.

For more information on the show or Chef Jeremiah’s event this weekend, click on the links below.


Duck Duck Goose event at The Anderson Bar

“Jeremiah Bullfrog Forks It” on the go90 app

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