Miami Supercar Rooms

The founder of the London Motor Museum in England has more than 200 unique supercars, and he’s shipped some of them to the Magic City. The cars are in Miami for you to look at, and what better way to do so than with food, glorious food?

Hungry for speed? Check out these supercars.

XXXX Elo: "What we call a supercar, it doesn’t necessarily mean a ‘go fast’ car. It’s a car that has got a little bit more personality than your average car."

Miami Supercar Rooms in Wynwood is a gallery of spectacular automotive art.

XXXX Elo: "Right here is a 1932 Rolls-Royce called the Bootch. There’s only one of those in the world. Here we have a 1962 Ferrari 196SP; that’s as good as it could be. A 1958 Maserati 450S, one of 33 in the world."

But it’s not only a gallery.

XXXX Elo: "We do a dining for very elite individuals who want to come and enjoy a dining experience with a car."

For $3,000, you and five of your closest buddies can have dinner surrounded by these slick beauties.

XXXX Elo: "The dinner concept is a collaboration between us and restaurants in Miami."

The five-course dinner will change month to month, depending on the participating chef. But one thing doesn’t change: You’ll be up close and personal with the cars.

XXXX Elo: "Get to sit in them, understand them, and at some point even get to start those cars up!"

Dinner isn’t the only way to check this place out.

XXXX Elo: "We do an event every week or so, on Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays. It’s our members soiree, and it’s always fun, frizzels, great food, great atmosphere."

Here, the drinks are free.

XXXX Elo: "We made our bar open bar for a whole entire year. We will not charge our members and their guests a dime. ‘After a bunch of tequilas, that’s when I find out whats in your garage. Talk to me about what you have.’ And I like that atmosphere of car lovers, drinking, talking without having to have a monetary value to things."

All you gotta do is become a member, and that’s not easy.

XXXX Elo: "You gotta be cool, you have to have car bone in you, you have to have fuel in your veins."

To join, money is worthless.

XXXX Elo: "It’s absolutely free; we don’t charge."

What matters is what you know about cars, so be prepared to be vetted and quizzed.

XXXX Elo: "We see your knowledge of cars. If you have zero knowledge of cars, if you’re a tree lover, you’re in the wrong spot. There’ll be three different levels of membership, and the higher your level, the more knowledgeable you are."

The higher the membership, the more guests you can bring with you to one of the fabulous parties.

XXXX Elo: "Where in the world would you walk into a gallery and you have $20 million worth of cars?"

I guess now you know.

Miami Supercar Rooms
2022 N.W. 1st Court
Miami, FL 33127
(305) 363-2020