‘Miami Spice’ adds brunch to the menu

Summer means a few things…It’s hot, it’s humid, and there’s a chance of rain. And don’t forget — starting August 1, it’s also time for Miami Spice. And for Spice 2017, they’re adding a new element to the food-bonanza.

Miami Spice is a time when hungry folks get to take a bite out of So-Flo’s food scene.

Janel Sierra: “Miami Spice is a restaurant promotion that takes place during August and September, and people can take advantage of over 240 restaurants offering discount prices.”

And this year, things are getting spiced up.

Janel Sierra: “Typically, Miami Spice has been $39 for dinner, three-course meal, lunch is $23, also a three-course meal, but new this year is brunch is $23.”

A three-course brunch for 23 bucks will leave your wallet — and your stomach — full.

Daniel Santamaria: “I think brunch would be great — you get an earlier time to go eat to experience all Miami Spice, not just lunch or dinner.”

And one of the restaurants offering this newbie to Miami Spice is Tamara’s Bistro at the National Hotel on South Beach.

Meryl Diaz: “Tamara’s Bistro is our signature restaurant here at the National Hotel. It is a mix of French and American cuisine mixed in with local flavors.”

Bring your appetite for Tamara’s three-course brunch.

Meryl Diaz: “Not only does our brunch have staples like entree and dessert, but we have a full buffet with staples like build your own parfait as well, eggs, bacon, charcuterie.”

Yup! You heard right — before you bite into a burger, eggs benedict or any of their entree picks…Start your meal off with a full buffet.

Meryl Diaz: “When you think of brunch, everyone has items they limit themselves to. Why not have everything out on the table?”

Wear strechy pants — because brunch isn’t done.

Meryl Diaz: “We don’t stop there. We also do have some delicious desserts, consisting of mango sorbet, cream brulee and candy pecan cheesecake.”

Thanks to Miami Spice’s new brunch option, you can enjoy Spice mid-morning, noon and night.

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