Miami native stars in shark thriller ’47 Meters Down’

“47 Meters Down” jaws its way into theaters this weekend, and one of the stars is from Miami. He and his co-star spoke to Deco about the Magic City and what it was like to film with the sharks.

Yani Gellman (as Louis): “Relax. You’re gonna have the time of your life.”

“47 Meters Down” star Yani Gellman is no stranger to the 305.

Yani Gellman: “I grew up in an area called Coconut Grove.”

Oh, we love the Grove. The hunk spoke to Deco about the Magic City.

Yani Gellman: “It’s really alive, and it’s just, you know, great. And, of course, the beach.”

Growing up on South Florida’s beaches probably helped with Yani’s latest role.

Yani Gellman: “I’ve always felt very comfortable, you know, in and around the water. I’d never actually done scuba diving, though, when you go down really deep, so that was a new experience for me.”

Which may explain his smile in this snap he posted to Instagram.

In case you don’t recognize Yani, he also plays Officer Garrett Reynolds in the hit show “Pretty Little Liars.”

Yani Gellman (as Officer Garret Reynolds): “Could have been you behind this glass. The cops were so close to pinning it on you.”

But back to his Miami roots, here’s what Yani loves most.

Yani Gellman: “The culture. You know, you see this incredible interchange between, you know, Cuban and Latino and American, and all kinds of different cultural influences in the area.”

It’s a sentiment Yani’s “47 Meters Down” co-star Matthew Modine echoes.

Matthew Modine: “Just like New York City doesn’t feel like it’s a part of America, that it’s like a super America, the melting pot that New York City is, Miami has that similar feeling.”


Matthew Modine: “It’s a different part of the world. It’s not European — it’s South American, it’s Argentinean, it’s Chile, it’s, you know, the islands. There’s such a mixture of people from the Caribbean.”

Or like Will Smith so eloquently sang…

Will Smith, singing “Miami”: “All ages and races, real sweet faces, every different nation: Spanish, Haitian, Indian, Jamaican, black, white, Cuban and Asian.”

In other words…

Matthew Modine: “It’s its own culture. It feels like a different America.”

“47 Meters Down” is currently out in theaters.

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