Miami Film Festival showcases movie ‘gems’

These next couple of months is when most Jackie Chan films and other Oscar contenders hit theaters, but we all have the opportunity to see them before everyone else does. From now until Sunday, the Miami Film Festival is showcasing the best of the best the fall season has to offer, and it’s all happening under one roof.

Bria Vinaite (as Halley): “You’re not my father!”

Willem Dafoe (as Bobby): “I don’t want to be your father.”

Bria Vinaite (as Halley): “You can’t treat me like this!”

“The Florida Project,” starring William Dafoe, is one of the critically-acclaimed movies you can check out in the 305 this weekend. It’s part of the Miami Film Festival’s GEMS showcase.

Nicolas Calzada: “These are the films that in a couple of months everyone’s gonna be talking about as the leading Oscar contenders.”

This is the cream of the crop here, people.

Better yet, some of these movies were shot in the Sunshine State — like, duh, “The Florida Project.”

Nicolas Calzada: “It was shot in Orlando, and it’s just a beautiful film that I think audiences are gonna love.”

Helen Mirren (as Ella): “Go to hell.”

Donald Sutherland (as John): “Yeah, you’ll be with me in the handbasket, misses.”

Another one of those movies with local ties is “The Leisure Seeker,” starring Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland. Part of it was shot in the Keys.

Nicolas Calzada: “All the proceeds from that screening will be going to the Hurricane Irma Relief Fund, with special emphasis on providing relief to Key West.”

The third annual GEMS showcase also has a bit of a bite to it.

Ross Lynch (as Jeffrey Dahmer): “I like bones. It interests me — what’s inside.”

“My Friend Dahmer,” shows how Jeffrey Dahmer turned into a cannibalistic serial killer.

And you can see it in the same exact place as the rest of the film festival lineup.

Nicolas Calzada: “It takes place entirely at Miami’s historic Tower Theater, which has been here since the 1920s.”

Nicolas Calzada: “It’s incredibly convenient. You can just park yourself here all weekend and catch the entire run of amazing films.”

That’s fitting — a historic venue for what could be historic movies once awards season rolls around.

Nicolas Calzada: “It’s not just, you know, your normal Saturday night at the movies. There’s definitely something special about it. If you haven’t experienced it yet, it’s a must-do.”

For more details on the film festival, click here.

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