The world is mostly covered with water. The water around Miami is covered with big, flashy expensive boats ’cause the Miami International Boat show has pulled into Port. Deco’s first mate Chris Van Vliet is live in Virginia Key.

The Miami International Boat Show is opening it’s doors for the 75th year. This year, a change in venue, moving it from the beach to the Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin in Virginia Key.

Cathy Rick-Joule: "We thought it suited the boat show absolutely perfectly. It was built in the beginning for high-performance racing and maritime activity, so what a better place for a boat show."

More than 1,200 boats of all shapes and sizes, both on land and in the water, including the iconic "Miami Vice" which is in Miami for the first time in 30 years.

Olivia Brown, who played Trudy on the show, invited Deco into the "Miami Vice" car to chat with her.

Olivia Brown: "This is actually my first time back to Miami since we wrapped."

Chris Van Vliet: "No way."

Olivia Brown: "Yeah, I left Miami the day the show was over and this is my first time coming back."

Chris Van Vliet: "Well, welcome back."

Traffic expected to be jammed up with 100,000 people attending the show. Parking in Virginia Key and nearby Key Biscayne will be limited to keep that traffic to a minimum. Event organizers say the best way to get around is on the water. Eighteen water taxis will be shuttling people back and forth.

Cathy Rick-Joule: "Water taxis and shuttle buses are free. We’ve got a very detailed transportation plan. We’d like people to focus on buying their parking and their tickets online."

The Miami International Boat Show will take place from Feb. 11-16.

The Miami Boat Show
3501 Rickenbacker Causeway,
Miami, FL 33149
(305) 361-2612

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