Miami Heat hosts annual dancer auditions at AAA

Basketball season is over, but bootcamp is just beginning at the American Airlines Arena. We’re not talking about the guys in jerseys. The ladies are our focus and we’ve got a behind-the-scenes look at Miami Heat dancer auditions.

This is bootcamp — Miami Heat dancer style.

Natalia Gonzalez, Miami Heat manager: “It’s going to be a strenuous week of just dancing, training, interviews.”

Oh, she’s not kidding.

Forty-three hopefuls are being put to the test, where they’ll endure a week of learning new moves.

Natalia Gonzalez: “They’re going to be learning a lot of choreography from different guest choreographers, different styles, they’re going to be going through technique classes.”

When it comes to making the roster, no one is off limits. Even the vets have to re-audition, but just because they’ve been here, doesn’t mean they don’t feel the pressure.

Fabiana, Miami Heat dancer: “I’m definitely still nervous. Just because the passion is there and something that I care for, I’m always gonna be nervous for, so definitely I’m more excited than anything.”

Fabiana is one of 15 ladies hoping to return to the sidelines next year. Here’s why she keeps coming back.

Fabiana: “I think my favorite part is the sisterhood. I love the friends that I have, the relationships that you make, it’s honestly for a lifetime.”

There’s about 30 rookies who are new to this, and for first timers like Brittany — there’s one goal.

Brittany, Miami Heat dancer prospect: “Make sure that I show them that I’m a well-rounded person, whether it be off the court or on the court.”

In other words, this bootcamp is not just about dancing.

There’s some running.

Miami Heat dancers: “Sore today, stronger tomorrow.”

Some team building and…

Natalia Gonzalez: “They’re also going to be doing TV interviews so we can see how they are on camera and then business interviews.”

Because when it comes to heating up the court during basketball season…

Natalia Gonzalez: “It’s a lot more than just the dancing aspect. These are professional women, they go out in the community, we do promotional appearances, charity work, they need to be well spoken, mature, and they need to be great brand ambassadors for our organization.”

After the week of bootcamp, the ladies will put what they learned to the test. They perform their routine for the judges before the final roster is made.

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