Kanye West and The Weeknd both turned to Lila Nikole, and you can, too.

The South Florida designer is on top of the fashion world after landing a few high-profile gigs.

Kanye West went above and beyond at his “Donda” listening parties in Atlanta and Chicago.

Kanye West (singing): “Tell me if ya know someone that needs… Jesus.”

But here’s the West of the story.

Miami’s very own Lila Nikole was the costume designer and wardrobe supervisor for the shows.

Lila Nikole: “Kanye’s one of my icon artists, right? He’s like one of my bucket list artists, so (cut– just) me being on his team was awesome.”

Lila catching up with Deco is also awesome, because, well…

Will Ferrell (as Ron Burgundy): “I don’t know how to put this, but… I’m kind of a big deal.

She’s coming off a history-making Super Bowl gig earlier this year.

Lila was the first Latina costume designer to run the Halftime Show.

Lila Nikole: “Because the Super Bowl went so well for me, Team Yeezy got wind and that’s how I ended up being a part of doing his two listening parties/concerts.”

Working on events this big sounds like a lot…

As in, collabing with Kanye and Balenciaga to dress around a thousand performers the way Yeezy wants.

Lila Nikole: “Whatever his concept is and whatever his vision is, you kind of gotta put yourself in that place and figure out how to bring it to life.”

That story is obviously important to Ye, because “Donda” is named after his late mother.

So while Kanye is doing his thing for the cameras, behind the scenes, everyone is kinda geeking out.

Lila Nikole: “It’s really cool if you got to see how exciting — and how excited — the people were in the background.”

Lila’s back in the 305 now, preparing for Miami Carnival.

But wait! There’s more…

Lila Nikole: “Recently, I got word that the Super Bowl loved our team, so we are back on for the Super Bowl. We’ve also been added to the American Music Awards and to Soul Train and to the BET Hip Hop Awards.”

Wow! All that and somehow she still has something left on her wish list…

Lila Nikole: “Rihanna has this thing called Fenty, where she does this big concert show performance, and I want that! So, Rihanna, I’m available.”

You can also catch Lila in “The Show,” a documentary about the production of The Weeknd’s Super Bowl concert. It premieres Sep. 24 on Showtime.

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