SoFlo fashionistas, your world is about to change.

There’s a history-making event going down on South Beach this weekend. It will make everything you think you know about shopping seem so yesterday.

At Kimpton Angler’s Hotel on South Beach, tomorrow is here right now.

Michelle Collins: “We’re launching the first-ever brand closet showroom and social. It is my vision of what the future of consumer experiences and retail shopping could be like.”

The event’s called Miami Escape.

But it’s not really about escaping. You’re diving into a whole new world.

Michelle Collins: “The brand social and showroom concept is that consumers want to spend time in spaces they love and if you let them do that, they’ll do things like bring their friends that they will shop and they’ll come back.”

The Magic City, and Kimpton’s in particular, was the perfect place to kick off this new idea.

Michelle Collins: “This space is kind of this undiscovered gem and we felt that this really leveraged and expanded upon our idea.”

The chill experience starts as soon as you show up at the hotel.

Lizmary Perez: “So when guests first arrive, we greet them with a cool towel so they can refresh themselves, and then soon after they are complemented with champagne.”

Once you’ve got your bubbly in hand, the rest is up to you. Whatever you want to do is totally cool with your brand closet concierge, who’s there to show you around.

Michelle Collins: “If you tell us that you want to start your time at the pool, you’re gonna start at the pool. If you tell us that you’re interested in beauty and wellness, that is the first thing we’re going to introduce you to.”

The under-eye collagen masks will make you look and feel great. They should, ’cause they’re made out of 24 karat gold.

Michelle Collins: “You’ve been working a little too hard, you’re a little stressed. It’s a wonderful way to fix and detox.”

There are two floors of fashions for you to check out. Fellas, that means you, too.

And don’t miss the art. That’s part of this whole new deal, as well.

Michelle Collins: “Who doesn’t want to shop, relax at a pool, order champagne, all those things? I mean, you can only do that in so many places, and you’re not gonna do that in a retail store.”

Kimberly Lopez: “The whole experience was great. I love the 24 karat Beautology Lab under eye mask, and I can’t wait to drink some more champagne and shop some more.”

The event runs from Thursday through Sunday. Reservations are required.



Miami Escape at Kimpton Angler’s Hotel
660 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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