Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders unveil 2017 swimsuit calendar

Thanks to a rejected credit card at the printers, this year’s Deco Drive swimsuit calendar won’t see the light of day. The Miami Dolphins don’t have that problem. Maybe they didn’t finish the roof on their stadium, but they did finish their cheerleader calendar. Here’s Deco’s exposed flesh senior correspondent Chris Van Vliet with the pictures.

I’ve been spending so much time at Hard Rock Stadium that it’s kind of like my second home. Actually, they have a very comfortable pullout couch that I spend my nights on.

But Friday night, it was all about the Dolphins Cheerleaders. All 36 of them strutted their stuff at around 8:30 p.m. as they unveiled their 2017 swimsuit calendar.

The cheerleaders have an international flair this year. The team held auditions in different countries, and as a result, they represent eight countries, 28 cities and five languages.

We chatted with Jessica, Miami’s own Miss December, who was one of the 2016 calendar’s cover girls.


Chris Van Vliet: “So you had no idea last year that you were going to be the cover girl.”

Jessica: “I had absolutely no idea. Walking on the stage I was crying a little bit, so it was really surprising.”

Chris Van Vliet: “There’s a chance maybe you could be the cover girl again this year.”

Jessica: “It’s happened before, but you know –”

Chris Van Vliet: “Did I just jinx it?”

Jessica: “Ahh, I don’t know…”

This year’s calendar shoot took place on the beautiful island of Barbados, and the calendar will officially be available after Friday night’s show for $15. It will be sold online and at the team’s shop.

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar

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