Miami-Dade County Youth Fair is back and better than ever

Spring has sprung in SoFlo — and that means the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair is back in town. Some people go for the games, some for the rides, and some for the food. We checked out what is new this year.

It’s time for the fair.

Bob Hohenstein, president, Miami-Dade County Youth Fair: “Miami-Dade County Youth Fair is the largest fair in the state of Florida. It is one of the top 30 largest fairs in North America.”

This is the fair’s 67th anniversary.

And this year, there are more than 100 rides and even more food and drink options.

Bob Hohenstein: “We try to bring in new things every year. You can do it the whole fairgrounds at one time. We bring in new rides every year. We bring in new foods every year.”

That new food includes roasted corn smothered in spicy mayo and covered in crushed flaming hot Cheetos.

Jeromy Whyte: “I’m not a fan of corn, but this is dope. It has a little kick to it. I don’t like vegetables, but this makes is bearable. I like it. I’ll come back.”

Fairs are known for their fried food and food on a stick.

The waffle bomb is both.

Cindy Hughes: “It’s like an inside-out waffle. It’s a strawberry dipped in chocolate dipped in waffle batter with powdered sugar.”

From alligator bites to cheese curds to stuffed olives — battered and fried is better.

Lisa Tsay: “I’ve been a big foodie, and I love going around the fair and trying things. This is new. It’s a little more upscale.”

There’s even funnel cake with a flair. That’s raspberry and a sweet cream glaze on top.

Bob Hohenstein: “I am going to tell you, do not bring your calories counter into the fairgrounds. Leave it in the car.”

You know the drinks are way better this year, because a giant strawberry shake is named the Way Better.

Griffin Glilette: “We paint the rim with frosting, we roll it in Fruity Pebbles, then we make a strawberry milkshake. You get two cupcakes, sponge cake, lollipop, whipped cream, and top it off with Fruity Pebbles.”

And don’t forget about the rides. There is something for everyone here.

Bob Hohenstein: “We also have four new rides. Two kiddie rides, two adult rides — thrill rides, as you call them — called Hyper Loop and Hard Rock.”

Savannah Delph: “The Hyper Loop was really fun. I saw it and really wanted to go on it.”

One piece of advice. If want to try all the fair food and hit the rides, we recommend riding first and eating after.

Now’s your chance to win a family four pack to the fair! Just email your name, address, and phone number to, and you could win.

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