Dancers live to dance for audiences, and since it’s tough getting to them during a pandemic, the dancers are coming to you.

“To Miami, With Love” is not just a sentiment.

Julian Goodwin-Ferris, Miami City Ballet: “The ‘To Miami, With Love’ series is a series of pop-up shows throughout our community. We have seven different locations with eight different choreographers.”

The pop-ups are a way for the Miami City Ballet to toe the social distancing line while still entertaining the masses.

Ariel Rose, Miami City Ballet: “We decided that, if we couldn’t be in the theaters, then we would bring the dance to the public outdoors in a safe setting.”

Even though the word “ballet” is in the pop-up, it’s not all tutus and pointe shoes.

Check out the choreography from Julian and Ariel.

Ariel Rose: “We did two very different styles today. We did a flamenco paso doble piece by myself, and then Julian did a beautiful contemporary ballet.”

Their stage? Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

Julian Goodwin-Ferris: “Each choreographer picked one site that was kind of their inspiration to their choreography. I was quite inspired by the baroque style here and the mash-up of different styles of European architecture and art.”

Hmm, we see your point.

As for the dancers, they say they’re just happy to be center stage again.

Jennifer Lauren, Miami City Ballet: “For the dancers, we want to dance, the choreographers want to create. I really enjoyed performing today here at Vizcaya.”

Itzkan Barbosa: “It has been such a gift to be able to bring our art form to all these different environments.”

The pop up runs every weekend through Feb. 28. The next one will be at Wynwood Walls.

“To Miami, With Love” pop-up performances

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