The hardest thing to find on South Beach used to be parking, but now, it’s the hottest new Japanese and Brazilian-fusion restaurant and speakeasy! Alex Miranda, a man of many secrets, is here with some clues on how to find it.

Girls, I thought the Cheesecake Factory at 7 o’clock on a Saturday was hard to get into, but one new Omakase restaurant is so exclusive, they only let 15 people in a night and blindfolded!

No, I’m just kidding, not blindfolded, but it is hard to find.

Nossa Omakase is bringing a fun fusion of flavors to Miami Beach!

Joseph Citrano, Nossa Omakase: “We wanted to create something that was very South Beach and also have a Latin influence.”

But what is Omakase?

Joseph Citrano: “It’s a gift from the chef.”

Or, the Japanese tradition of leaving it up to him. Here, only 15 people are invited a night! So, it’s intimate and, after two and a half hours, safely satisfying.

Joseph Citrano: “You’re going to have 18 courses, and I guarantee you will not leave here hungry.”

Yes, he said 18, and the first half is meant to impress.

Joseph Citrano: “This is where the chef gets to show his Brazilian influences.”

Alex Miranda: “That was phenomenal.”


Joseph Citrano: “The second half is a more traditional nigiri selection.”

Take a look at this Japanese wagyu! It’s dry-aged for 20 days, and it is A-5. That means the highest quality possible. You think I can finish that? I’ll try.

But, I did forget to mention…

Joseph Citrano: “The restaurant is hidden. You must show up at the Koa Poke to see the cashier in order to get the instructions on how to get inside.”

Just open the envelope and…

Alex Miranda: “Go to the red door… The red door!”

But, chill. It’s not that serious.

Alex Miranda: “Hello? I’m here for dinner.”

Joseph Citrano: “You got a password for me?”

Alex Miranda: “Nossa?”

Joseph Citrano: “Got it.”

And show up 30 minutes before your 7:30 reservation to knock a couple back.

All right, this is Bar Nossa. It’s giving me all those speakeasy vibes that I love — 1950s, Godzilla movies playing on the walls, and the star of this menu: Sake! Ahh!”

That was water, and this is a classy establishment, y’all.

Alex Miranda: “I’ll have a sake bomb.”

Sebastian, bartender: “Oh, we don’t do that here.”

It’s $250 per person, but…

Joseph Citrano: “They all give me a hug and tell me it was one of the best dinner experiences of their life.”


Nossa Omakase/Bar Nossa
1600 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Click here to make a reservation

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