Miami Beach’s Innergy meditation combines relaxation with tech

In today’s society everyone’s all about the hustle. But sometimes you need a break from the real world to let your brain settle down. There’s a new studio in town and they’re taking meditation to a whole new level.

In 1968, the Beatles took a trip to India to meditate.

Lebron James was caught in the zone on the sidelines during an NBA finals game.

Katy Perry spoke about it in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. She said, “Meditation is actually the one time I get to really reset.”

Claire Santos, director: “Pretty much anywhere you look for somebody at the top of their game you’re gonna find a meditator.”

Meditation is a practice that trains your mind to focus using breathing techniques. It’s a way to promote relaxation.

Now, we can all chill out too — thanks to Innergy on Miami Beach.

Claire Santos: “Meditation’s for everyone. We’re the only place in Miami where you can do this.”

The meditation studio offers a variety of practices seven days a week.

From your typical lie down, close your eyes and rest to sessions infused with sounds.

Then there’s the hi-tech class called “The Muse.” Basically you put on a headband that connects to an app on your phone.

Claire Santos: “It reads the actual brain data and gives you real time feedback based on your specific brainwaves in that moment. That gives you a readout at the end of your session that tells you how many minutes were you calm, how many minutes you were neutral, how many minutes were you active.”

Even for rookies, all you have to do is remember…

Claire Santos: “Everybody can do it. You’re not doing it wrong. If you’re distracted, you’re noticing it and that is mediation. It’s better to do it for two minutes, five days in a row than to do it for 30 minutes once.”

In today’s day and age.

Claire Santos: “We’ve created together a culture where what we pay attention to is what’s happening this minute and social media.”

So meditating…

Claire Santos: “Allow us to be calm. Meant to make the choice to focus on one thing versus being pulled in a million different directions and feeling frazzled and stressed out by that.”


1560 Lenox Ave #102
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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