Smoke ’em if you got ’em. And that’s exactly what a new barbecue joint in the 305 is doing with a twist. We stopped by for a “meating” of the minds.

This meat is smokin’! Or as Jim Carrey in “The Mask” would say, ssssssssmokin’!

Stuart Morginstin, Everything’s Kosher Here: “Smoke’d is an awesome barbecue restaurant that just happens to be kosher.”

So, just so we’re clear, what exactly does that mean?

Stuart Morginstin: “Our restaurant is under rabbinical supervision. We don’t use pork or products that are not allowed to come in contact with it. There’s no dairy mixed together with meat, there’s no dairy at the restaurant.”

Located inside South Beach’s Lincoln Eatery food hall, Smoke’d is all about the quality of its meat, like with their burgers.

Stuart Morginstin: “We make our burgers fresh every day. On the burger, you have the pulled brisket. It’s so tender, it just comes apart, it flakes.”

If you want a straight up brisket platter with sides, check out this smoke show. (You can’t tell, but I’m actually drooling right now.)

Stuart Morginstin: “It’s tender to start with because it’s black Angus, and then when it comes out, you just slice it against the grain. The meat is so flavorful.”

And this can’t be a true barbecue spot without ribs.

Aurelie Berdugo, customer: “I thought it was delicious! I thought it was the best rib I’ve tasted, honestly. So moist, the sauce was perfection. Everything was great.”

How about that cornbread, though?

Customer: “He does not eat anything! I can’t believe he ate this. This is like a miracle for me!”

Now that Smoke’d has arrived, they want barbecue fans to know this is the real deal.

Stuart Morginstin: “This is the only kosher, barbecue restaurant in Miami Beach, the first one and the only one right now, and we pride ourselves on our quality.”

The Lincoln Eatery
723 Lincoln Ln N
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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