It takes a big drink to quench a big thirst. Sometimes, it takes a big drink to kick your night up a few notches. If you and your pals are looking to party with a colossal communal cocktail, you’re in luck. Deco’s found a bunch of places where sharing is definitely caring.

You’ll have a sparkling time when you and your bffs dive deep into the Droseros at Ya Mas!

George Laskowski: It’s a nice refreshing cocktail that we carry here, always pull it off with some prosecco on top. It’s a wonderful cocktail to have here.”

The drink is a big hit with the ladies who frequent this Fort Lauderdale restaurant.

George Laskowski: “We get a lot of bacherlorette parties in here so they share it with the girls, have fun, take pictures for Instagram, all that.”

Your cup runneth over with cucumber strips, simple syrup, lime juice, elder flower, vodka, cucumber mint, soda water and a bottle of prosecco.

Anytime you’re ready for it, it’s ready for you.

George Laskowski: As long as we’re open we’ll serve it.”

There’s a barrel of fun waiting for you at Lona Cocina and Tequileria on Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Marla White: We serve the margarita anejo in a branded barrel, that we have just for Lona. We have a bunch of them behind the bar so no matter how many tables want them we have them ready to go.”

You’re ready to rock before you’ve even tasted this drink.

Marla White: “When the margarita anejo comes to the table in the barrel all of the guests get super excited.”

You’re getting three kinds of tequila in the deal, along with various liqueurs.

One barrel serves up to a half-dozen of your boozy besties. What’s not to like?

Marla White: “It’s something super unique to Lona.”

Here’s something to bowl you over.

Time Out Market in Miami Beach is giving new meaning to the phrase “Packs a punch” with their massive disco punch bowl.

“Our disco punch bowl comes in a fish bowl. It’s pretty big. It’s about 64 ounces. And it comes with two selections of vodkas. It has a really nice selection of fresh juices, garnished with oranges and some berries. Lots of color, lots of flavor.”

This drink is available for brunch on Saturday and Sundays. It’s a real bang for your buck, especially if you’re sharing with five or more friends.

“It’s about $50. So if you do the math, it’s about $9 per person.You get about two drinks per person in this fish bowl.”

Make some noise for la piña loca and bust out the sparklers, because “R” house in Wynwood wants to help you get lit.

Federico LLauro: “La pina loca. The crazy pineapple. It’s great for groups and celebrations.”

Federico LLauro: “We core the pineapple. We put frozen piña colada inside. We serve it with five shots of tequila. We put the decorations. We put the sparklers. We light it. Party.”

And when he says party, he means it.

Because half the fun of ordering this $100 drink, is the hype train that comes with it.

Federico LLauro: “When we bring out the pineapple, it’s like an amazing moment. The people are so happy and so excited to have it.”

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