Miami has some really talented people.

Definitely — singers, dancers and actors!

Speaking of, two local actresses are in a new movie, and after meeting them, we know, their careers are gonna blast off.

Mauriett Chayeb-Mendez (as Strelka): “Here it is: Earth.”

Get ready for out of this world puppy power in “Space Dogs: Tropical Adventure.”

Soviet Commander: “Terminate the expedition and return to Earth immediately.”

Belka and Strelka, Russian cosmonaut dogs, have a new mission: Save Earth!

Soviet Commander: “There’s a strange anomaly in the Atlantic Ocean.”

Mauriett Chayeb-Mendez (as Strelka): “Wow, it’s humongous!”

Soviet Commander: “You’re going to research the anomaly and find its cause.”

Mauriett Chayeb-Mendez (as Strelka): “Well, alright!”

The final movie in the “Space Dogs” trilogy has a So-Flo connection.

Hometown actresses Mauriett Chayeb-Mendez and Mari Monge star in the film.

Mauriett Chayeb-Mendez: “I voice Strelka, and it was amazing to be an animated dog because I love dogs, and also it’s great to be a female character that just goes out and is able to conquer anything.”

Mari Monge: “I play Belka, Strelka’s partner. Being the voice of a major film has always been something I wanted to do.”

The actresses auditioned for director Romulo Bernal at local dubbing studio The Kitchen, and got the gig!

Romulo Bernal: “We have a huge talent pool of great actors and actresses here in Miami, and it seemed obvious we use Miami talent.”

Mauriett Chayeb-Mendez: “It’s amazing that The Kitchen Miami was able to give us this opportunity.”

They’re in good company!

A-listers Chloë Grace Moretz and Alicia Silverstone voiced the canine cosmonauts in the first two movies.

Mari Monge: “The fact that I am following in some serious steps is really fantastic because it gives you an opportunity to not only do something you love but to put yourself in a place where you know there are opportunities and you know there is more to come.”

Here’s a fun fact: Belka and Strelka are based on real dogs who went to space in the ’60s. Possibly against their will.

Anyway, “Space Dogs: Tropical Adventure” is in theaters now, and on-demand.

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