Metallic glitter nails and hair is now on trend

If it’s shiny and shimmery, Lynn likes it. But she’s not talking diamonds — she’s talking chrome. It’s not just for classic cars and motorcycles … it’s for your nails and hair. From gold to silver to pink — getting chromed out is shiny and new.

We’re used to seeing chrome on bikes, but now chrome is revving up the fashion world.

Rita Pinto, Vanity Projects: “Chrome nails is the hottest trend this summer. It’s a new product that came into the market place and internationally, it’s been a smash hit.”

Celebs like Gigi Hadid and Adriana Lima are rocking the trend.

It’s shiny and flashy.

Rita Pinto: “It’s a really amazing finish. People have been asking for this kind of look for a long time.”

Deco checked out Vanity Projects in Miami where they’re serving up metallic mayhem.

Getting the look is a two step process.

First, a base layer.

Rita Pinto: “Depending on the color of the base you choose, you can create a different effect with the chrome.”

Then they brush on on the shiny.

Rita Pinto: “Almost like a talcum powder. It’s an absolute shiny look. It looks almost like a mirror chrome. Here we have pink, but you can use green or blue or any color of your choice.”

Now, sit back and reflect on this brilliant trend.

Rita Pinto: “I think the chrome look really is for the girl who’s going for the most attention.”

You can also get the metallic look — in your hair.

Danny Jelaca Salon on South Beach is going glitter.

Danny Jelaca, Danny Jelaca Salon: “It used to be just for hiding and concealing the roots, but now, everyone is doing it because they love the look. It’s very festive, a lot of celebrities are using it now, like Miley Cyrus, like Beyoncé.”

You can get sparkly with all the colors of the rainbow.

Danny Jelaca: “And we just mix the glitter into the gel. Very pretty, isn’t it?”

And when it comes to hair styles — the wilder the better.

Danny Jelaca: “I mean, the funkier the hairstyle, the better it goes with it, I feel. People are using the double buns, the side braid.”

All the glitters isn’t gold — it’s glam.

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