Wonder Woman. Captain Marvel. Black Widow. My mom.

Just some of the female superheroes out there.

But bad guys, beware! There’s a new dynamic duo in town!

Deco’s jumping into action with the cast of “Thunder Force.”

Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer (as Lydia Berman and Emily Stanton, singing): “There used to be a greying tower alone on the sea.” [explosion]

Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are out to save the day in Netflix’s new superhero comedy movie, “Thunder Force”.

Octavia Spencer (as Emily Stanton): “I’ve been developing a genetic platform that will allow us to give ordinary people superpowers. But do me a favor please, don’t touch anything.”

The two play estranged best friends who end up becoming a crimefighting team after Melissa accidentally gives herself super strength.

Melissa McCarthy: “Getting to be bionically strong is pretty fun. Because you just start to think of, well, if I accidentally punch someone, like it’s not gonna just hurt them. They’re going to go across the room.”

Octavia’s gift is a little harder to see.

Melissa McCarthy (as Lydia Berman): “What’s your superpower?”

Octavia Spencer (as Emily Stanton): “Invisibility.”

Melissa McCarthy (as Lydia Berman): “That’s awesome!”

That’s pretty cool! But Octavia says that wasn’t the original plan.

Octavia Spencer: “I was supposed to get both powers. Super strength and invisibility.”

But she’s not bitter, right?!

Octavia Spencer: “I think the person who was supposed to get the super strength got the super strength. But please don’t tell her I said that because then it becomes a thing.”

Bobby Cannavale, who grew up here in South Florida, is Thunder Force’s villain.

Bobby Cannavale: “He sort of gathers them together, or as he puts it, unionizes them in order to create havoc.”

And like a good bad guy, he wants to take over everything.

Bobby Canavale: “He’s power-hungry and he wants to become the mayor and eventually become the President of the United States.”

Bobby Canavale (as The King): “What’s that smell!?”

Melissa McCarthy (as Lydia Berman): “It’s the suits, we can’t wash them!”

Melissa has no problem kicking butt.

She told Deco she loves doing her own stunts!

Melissa McCarthy: “Any time I can be in a harness and like flipping around, you truly can define, like you can’t do any of that, but I’m like yeah put me in a wire and you know, have me flip around.”

Octavia had a blast too!

Octavia Spencer: “You basically, it’s a dream that you get to actually live out.”

Melissa McCarthy (as Lydia Berman): “It’s go time. Oh, God. We gotta rethink this car.”

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