Mel Gibson returns with “Hacksaw Ridge”

(WSVN) - This movie definitely doesn’t fall into that category of “lighter.” “Hacksaw Ridge” tells the true story of a solider who fought in World War II without a weapon. Deco’s “Army of One” — Chris Van Vliet — almost went into enemy territory to get these interviews.

Mel Gibson won two Oscars for directing “Braveheart,” but, he hasn’t made a movie since 2006. He’s back at the controls for this movie, and I flew to Los Angeles to talk to him and the cast of “Hacksaw Ridge.”

Private Desmond Doss went into battle during World War II without a weapon. And here’s what’s even crazier, this is a true story.

Vince Vaughn (as Sergeant Howell): “Private Doss does not believe in violence. Do not look to him to save you on the battlefield.”

“Hacksaw Ridge” is directed by Mel Gibson — it’s his first film since 2006.

Chris Van Vliet: “Mel, you’ve made some of my favorite movies of all time; ‘Apocolypto,’ ‘Braveheart.’ What was it about ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ that made it the right choice to make a movie after 10 years?”

Mel Gibson: “Well it was one of the most inspiring, heroic things I had ever read, and the fact that it was true kind of enhanced it more.”

Andrew Garfield (as Desmond T. Doss): “While everybody else is taking life, I’m going to be saving it. That’s gonna be my way to serve.”

Private Doss was awarded the Medal of Honor after saving 75 lives during one battle. He’s played here by Andrew Garfield.

Chris Van Vliet: “Andrew, you’ve played a hero before, one that wore spandex. Desmond is obviously a different kind of hero. What kind of a hero would you say that he is?”

Andrew Garfield: “He’s a hero that didn’t want to be one. He’s a hero that didn’t want his story told. He’s a hero that resented being termed that, which makes him even more heroic.”

Vince Vaughn (as Sergeant Howell): “This is a personal gift from the United States government designed to bring death to the enemy.”

While he’s normally known for his comedic roles, Vince Vaughn, plays a serious drill sergeant with a knack for coming up with creative and insulting nicknames.

Chris Van Vliet: “Do you think that you could give me a solider nickname like your character did in the film?”

Vince Vaughn: “I see no cause, we’re not going into battle, you seem like a very nice young man. You live in the great state of Florida, you like to dazzle the ladies in Miami. Now are you a big club-goer?”

Chris Van Vliet: “Not really.”

Vince Vaughn: “What do you do?”

Chris Van Vliet: “I’m more focused on the work side of things, do a lot of bass fishing in Florida.”

Vince: “Private Boring. He lives in Miami and is focused on the work side of things. Maybe you should move up to North Dakota there, Mr. Flannel shirt. My goodness.”

Yep, Private Boring here. Now there is nothing boring about the battle scenes in “Hacksaw Ridge. They are intense and very violent. Very much like “Saving Private Ryan” was.

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