Meghan Markle said yes to the dress, but which one?

The royal wedding is just a few days away, and the excitement is building — at least it is in my royal wedding group chat. Good thing tonight’s Deco is a true royal affair. Our own news queen, Belkys Nerey, is covering the royal wedding from Windsor, England and was contractually obligated to deliver this story.

She said yes to a dress, but which one?

Will Meghan Markle go romantic and simple, like the Duchess of Cambridge in her Alexander McQueen creation?

Or will she go the Princess Di route: full on royal with a long train for a dramatic entrance?

One thing’s for sure — like most brides, she’s probably got some pre-wedding jitters.

Caroline Castigliano, London dress designer: “Of course brides are nervous. They come in. They can only see the negative things about their body. They think everything about them is bad. But I believe that we make them feel pretty good, very fast.”

Belkys Nerey: “I don’t think Meghan Markle has any of those body image problems. Her body is perfect. She’s amazing. She’s gorgeous.”

Caroline Castigliano: “I totally agree. She is absolutely everything every girl would want to be.”

Caroline Castigliano, one of London’s top wedding dress designers, thinks she’ll go for something slim with a train to show off her figure in just the right way.

Caroline Castigliano: “I think it’s very important, because she’s marrying into the royal family, that she shows that level of respect to the Queen, if nothing else. And so, I am sure she will still go with her shoulders covered.”

Belkys Nerey: “There goes the plunging neckline, huh?”

Caroline Castigliano: “No tulle, no waisted plunges. Not for Meghan.”

So, who will end up designing the dress?

Well, if you believe the oddsmakers, the British bookies, they put British design house of Ralph and Russo at the top of the list to design Meghan’s dress.

And here in London, published reports say Prince Harry himself was seen leaving this Mayfair neighborhood studio just a couple of weeks ago.

Perhaps he was here to pay for the dress?

After all, they did design the gown she wore in her official engagement portrait with Harry.

Belkys Nerey: “So you think Stella McCartney, daughter of Paul McCartney of The Beatles. So, that’s like a double-dipped British thing.”

Caroline Castigliano: “Oh yeah. British, British, British. That’s the one I’m putting my money on, so I can’t wait for her to walk out and go, ‘Yay!'”

Belkys Nerey: “You and everyone else in the country, if possibly the world, is waiting to see.”

Caroline Castigliano: “Exactly.”

Until the fairy tale this weekend, seeing Meghan in her fake TV wedding dress will just have to do.

So, the wedding dress is still a mystery, but we’ve got the cake, we’ve got the bride, we’ve got the groom.

Just today, the palace announced that little Prince George and Princess Charlotte will have official participating roles as well.

They’re going to be a page boy and a little bridesmaid during the ceremony.

So, that’s it guys. The only thing missing in London is you, Lynn and Shireen.

You can feel like you’re right there in the church when Harry and Meghan say, “I do.”

You can watch it live right here on 7. Our coverage starts Saturday morning at 6 a.m.


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