If it weren’t for music over the past year, what would we have done all locked up with nothing to do? I guess just watch even more hours of TV. This weekend, the musical artists who made the worst year ever a little bit better for us are about to be honored at the Grammys. For more, we turn to Deco’s shower-singing Sinatra, Alex Miranda.

It could be another hot girl summer coming up for Megan Thee Stallion, and in a fight between Beyoncé and Dua Lipa, who comes out on top? We’ll find out at the Grammys this Sunday night — quarantine edition.

The 63rd annual Grammy Awards are here at, well, an awkward time.

Julia Cunnigham, SiriusXM pop culture host: “People are not sure about awards shows. It’s like, what a year we have been through. Are we really just awarding people awards? But music has a different texture.”

Right! It’s really helped a lot of us get through all of this, and SiriusXM pop culture host Julia Cunningham has some hunches about Sunday’s virtual event.

Alex Miranda: “Best New Artist. It’s been quite the year. Who do you think really nailed it?”

Julia Cunnigham: “You know, I think our one true new artist, who not only should win and will win, is Megan Thee Stallion. I think Grammy voters will also be course-correcting where a lot of hip-hop artists have not won Best New Artist. Kendrick Lamar lost. Drake lost.”

Don’t even get us on when Nicki Minaj lost in 2012.

Julia Cunnigham: “It’s crazy!”

Alex Miranda: “It’s insane!”

The nominees for Song of the Year are insane-ly good.

Julia Cunnigham: “I do think it’s going to Dua Lipa. ‘Don’t Start Now,’ it was everywhere. It’s a perfect pop song. We also have Beyoncé’s ‘Black Parade,’ which was a super important song that was released on Juneteenth.”

For Record, there could be some repeats: Megan’s “Savage Remix” and Dua’s “Don’t Start Now.”

Julia Cunnigham: “If clubs had been open, it would be insane! That’s what it comes down to, is these two tracks.”

And Swifties, Album of the Year could be for you.

Julia Cunnigham: “I think Taylor Swift is going to take it with ‘Folklore,’ and it’s going to put her in a new level alongside these few artists who have won three Album of the Year Grammys.”

Speaking of icons, you know Bob Marley. Well, his grandson, who lives in Miami, is also a reggae artist. He’s up for his first two Grammys.

Skip Marley: “Feeling blessed and proud, you know? I’m feeling very happy, you know what I’m saying? Big shoutout to everybody who’s been supporting the music.”

For best R&B song” for “Slow Down,” featuring singer H.E.R.

Skip Marley: “It’s not forced. It’s effortless.”

And Best Reggae Album for his debut EP, “Higher Place.” If he wins at least one of those…

Skip Marley: “I’m going to give it to my grandmother. That’ll make me the happiest.”

Skip is also starring in a new documentary about his life called “Let’s Take It Higher.” You can check it out on YouTube.

“Let’s Take It Higher”

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