MdoughW sends you to dessert heaven

(WSVN) - It’s always sweet when your hobby turns into your career, but it’s even better when it means your job is now to roll in dough and create pieces of dessert heaven. That’s the recipe for success for Miami-based company MdoughW.

Margo Wolfe, MdoughW: “This is an my MdoughW sprinkle mix with a brownie inside. It has gold stars and glitter.”

MdoughW is changing the dessert game.

Margo Wolfe: “It is a cookie cup, and we call it a doughie. It’s gooey, mushy, chewy, soft.”

And there’s a surprise inside every one.

Margo Wolfe: “The best part about the doughies is the ‘wow’ factor of opening inside and getting a treat, and it’s so much fun to see what is inside of which one.”

From brownies stuffed with cookies and cream, to white chocolate churro, to…

Margo Wolfe: “This is called the Mashup. This is a Funfetti Rainbow Cake.”

There’s something to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Margo Wolfe: “We pick the perfect flavor dough. I find the topping that I wanna put inside. We roll out our dough, cut the topping.”

And starting this week, they’ll offer a unique 305 delight thanks to a partnership with Versailles.

Margo Wolfe: “It is the definition of Miami, so we are so excited to offer it weekly. They’re known for their guava and cheese pastelitos so we are creating a guava and cheese doughie.”


Margo Wolfe: “It’s a fresh guava and cheese pastelito from Versailles stuff inside our product.”

And topped with pastelito flakes for extra crunch.

Those lucky enough to sample them before the rest of us are in pastelito paradise.

Sam Barredo, customer: “Oh, my God. That’s beyond amazing. I could eat like 50 of these.

Kaitlyn Togno, customer: “It’s like they put a pastry inside of a pastry. It’s genius.”

The doughies don’t just come in all sorts of flavors. They also come in different sizes.

Margo Wolfe: “The minis come in a jar — small or large.”

And if you need something a little more personal…

Margo Wolfe: “You can customize your flavor and your logo.”

As for us, we love the Deco doughies!

So how do you get your hands on a doughie? Every Wednesday and Thursday, Uber Eats can deliver them to your door, or head here.

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