“Yellowstone” is a hit series on Paramount, but there is more to the story.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill star in a prequel called “1883.”

The superstar couple told Deco about their music and acting careers and about that time at cowboy camp.

They’re not horsing around in “1883.” The “Yellowstone” prequel is action-packed and full of drama.

The Paramount Plus series follows James and Margaret Dutton’s travels from Texas to Montana.

Real life couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill star in the show, and Tim says wifey kept him in check on set when he wasn’t on point.

Tim McGraw (the eyes have it): “In the middle of a scene, there’s little eye gestures that she’ll give me, like when she knows that I’m off track a little bit, and then she’ll give me that look that set me back straight. Just like when we’re singing on stage and I’m singing flat on my harmony part, and I’ll get that look from her, and I know I’d better straighten up.”

The couple found acting in “1883” brought them a different type of satisfaction than, say, when they perform in front of a live audience.

Tim McGraw: “On stage, there’s that instant gratification, that instant feedback.”

Faith Hill (acts and you shall receive): “It’s why it’s so addictive for people when they do it, either in theater or as a performer, as a singer. There’s such an immediate reaction.”

And if you’re a big fans of westerns, you’re in luck. Sam Elliott says the genre is here to stay.

Sam Elliott (heading west-ern): “There’s something about that kind of a classic struggle that’s depicted in a lot of westerns that appeals to a massive audience.”

Newcomer Isabel May did a lot of research about the time.

Isabel May (well read): “I read, uh, probably fifty books, and in particular, the ones that I gravitated towards were journals from young women that made the same trek.”

And the actors had a blast learning at cowboy camp, and even picked up a few things along the way.

Tim McGraw: “I’m a pretty good rider, but I really enjoyed roping.”

Faith Hill: “Driving a wagon, which I cannot believe, which I thought, wow, because it’s so hard. It’s really hard.”

Isabel May: “Way harder and really dangerous.”

Faith Hill: “And very dangerous.”

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