McCarthy, Spencer suit up for Netflix superhero comedy ‘Thunder Force’

Thunder Force, assemble! Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are suiting up on Netflix. They’re telling Deco all about their new superhero comedy, and how Jason Bateman’s crab arms were cracking them up.

Octavia Spencer (as Emily Stanton): “Everything about you becomes stronger.”

It’s all about girl power in the Netflix film “Thunder Force.”

Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer play superheroes.

Octavia Spencer: “We have such an ease working together, because we really are good friends in real life.”

The two become newly super, almost heroes after one invents a power-filled formula.

Melissa McCarthy: “I think it’s super relatable. I mean, after the last year we’ve had, that’s like first responders, teachers, delivery people, like all of these people that are just ordinary people, they saved us. They’re still saving us. It’s, like, to me, this is like a love letter to them.”

Bobby Cannavale and Jason Bateman star in the movie as well.

Melissa McCarthy (as Lydia Berman): “I am all powerful!”

Melissa’s hubby, Ben Falcone, wrote and directed the comedy. He says there was a lot of laughter on set.

Ben Falcone: “You know, we would do the scripted versions, and then Melissa and Octavia and Tom and Bobby and Jason would all, you know, improvise a little bit. For starters, looking at Bateman, I mean, he’s got crab arms, so it’s hard to take it seriously.”

While the cast did try their best to be serious, they just couldn’t do it.

Melissa McCarthy: “When you really know someone, you know, when they’re about to go, which is always tempting, to just poke the bear one more time, just to see if you can do it, but that also means usually, hopefully, that the take’s going well.”

Melissa McCarthy (as Lydia Berman): “We’ve got to rethink this car.”

“Thunder Force” begins streaming on Netflix this Friday.

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