‘Maze Runner: The Death Cure’ marks end of franchise

Third time’s a charm — at least that’s what they say. “Maze Runner” looks to prove that to be true by going out in style with the third and final movie in the series. The cast told us why this movie is bittersweet. In fact, Dylan O’Brien told us he’s going to go through Maze Runner withdrawals.

“Maze Runner: The Death Cure” is the final movie in the Maze Runner trilogy. Now, if you haven’t seen the other two — I’ll be honest, you may not really understand what going on here.

This is set in a not-so-pretty version of the future where a plague is killing everyone. A few select people, including our stars of the movie, are immune and are now being hunted down so they can use them to help find a cure.

Dylan O’Brien: “A bigger kind of movie in terms of scope, really. It really opens up, got a whole different feel to it and a whole different world again that you dive into.”

That different world Dylan is talking about is the legendary Last City, where — you guessed it — they’ll have to run another maze.

Dexter Darden: “I think the fans will get closure. Every question that they have will be answered.”

One question that has been answered is: yes, this is indeed the final Maze Runner movie.

Dylan O’Brien: “I’m going to have major Maze Runner withdrawals.”

That doesn’t sound like fun — I wonder if he’ll get the shakes, or maybe start sweating uncontrollably.

Dylan O’Brien: “It’s not hitting me yet, you know? And I don’t know when it will. It’s not going to for a little bit, I don’t think, but I’m gonna miss it. I know I’m gonna miss it a lot.”

Kaya Scodelario: “It’s kind of bitter sweet. It’s sad and stuff, but it’s also kind of beautiful. We’re really proud of ourselves — We stuck it out for five years, and we completed this journey together.”

“Maze Runner: The Death Cure” is currently racing through theaters.

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