Max & Mo’s Bagel/Deli/Emporium serves up traditional, new-age dishes

Fancy food has its place. In fact, it has a lot of places, but sometimes nothing beats chowing down at a neighborhood deli. A new spot in Broward is offering some classic meals and some soon-to-be classic meals.

At Max & Mo’s Bagel/Deli/Emporium in Davie, the old and the new mix in a very tasty way.

Jonathan Rapp, owner, Max & Mo’s Bagel/Deli/Emporium: “Max & Mo’s is a New York-style deli that we have tried to incorporate new-age dishes and a new-age twist to.”

Meet the two guys in charge. Can you guess what their names are?

Maxi Rapp: “I’m Max.”

Milo Rapp: “I’m Mo.”

They didn’t actually name the place. Their dad did.

It was his dream to open a place like the ones he remembered.

Jonathan Rapp: “Growing up I went to the Rascal House. I watched the lines around the corner, up and down Sunny Isles. I wanted to try to recreate that.”

Be prepared to make some new food memories here.

Jonathan Rapp: “We have Zak the Baker rye bread that we make avocado toast on, so that’s a new-age dish.”

Looking for something different? Try some lox or a poached egg on top of avocado toast.

Breakfast also gets a boost with the house special — coffee cake French toast.

Jonathan Rapp: “We use a coffee cake, we batter it in our egg-vanilla-cinnamon mixture, it gets grilled, topped with caramel sauce and chocolate sauce, and a little powdered sugar.”

If you really want a taste of the Big Apple, take a bite out of one of the bagels.

Jonathan Rapp: “The dough is flown in from New York. We actually use a New York bagel. It is raw dough. We proof the dough here, we kettle-boil it, and then we seed it and we bake it here on site in our bagel room.”

Even smoked meats are getting a new look.

Jonathan Rapp: “We do a flour tortilla shell. We add either the corned beef or the pastrami.”

Not feeling so adventurous? Well, you can always stick to an old favorite.

Jonathan Rapp: “We also have a New York-style, 16-ounce pastrami sandwich, which we would call an old-school dish.”

If you’re counting calories, don’t worry: There are plenty of guilt-free pleasures.

Jonathan Rapp: “We have options, salads, beet and goat cheese salad, so we have options for people that want to eat healthy.”

Max & Mo’s is stocked with all the stuff you’d expect from a vintage deli — and a lot more. One visit will not be enough.

Diner: “This is our first time eating here, and it certainly won’t be the last. This place is delicious.”

Max & Mo’s Bagel/Deli/Emporium
8570 Stirling Road
Hollywood, FL 33024
(954) 589-2168