Nobody is as fierce and fabulous as a drag queen. Well, after us — we’re pretty fierce.

But in a new movie, the haters are trying to keep a high school student from living his most glamorous life as a drag queen.

Deco’s Alex Miranda, who couldn’t hide that huge Adam’s Apple with a bottle of concealer, has the story.

“Everybody’s Talking About Jamie” is a musical about a boy who doesn’t want to go to prom in just some stale, boring old tux.

He wants to feel fierce, snatched, beat for the gods. In other words, dressed in drag. Werk!

Everybody’s talking about Jamie!

Lauren Patel (as Pritti): “You’re like Beyonce.”

No, really. That’s the name of the new movie about a 16-year-old boy who doesn’t quite fit in at school.

Student: “What do you want to be?” “

Max Harwood (as Jamie): “A performer.”

But one thing’s for sure, he’s going to be a sickening sensation! Max Harwood stars as Jamie New, who dreams of becoming a fierce drag queen. And this pair of heels fit just right.

Max Harwood: “It was important for me to like not just be an actor in this, throwing on a wig. I had what I would call sort of a drag queen boot camp.”

And even though his mom and friends; like Pritti, played by Lauren Patel; are supportive…

Lauren Patel: “The fact that she sees how happy all of this makes Jamie is the thing that comes before any of it. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t get it.”

…he still has to overcome bullying…

Bully: “You are a freak.”

..and discrimination…

Jamie’s father: “I wanted a son so badly, and I got you.”

…before bravely stepping into the spotlight.

Trailer: “If Jamie wants to come to prom, he has to come dressed just like all the other boys.”

Director Jonathan Butterell says this story is for all the kids who don’t feel seen.

Jonathan Butterell: “I have never seen an effeminate hero. At the center of Jamie is his desire to find his own joy, and he finds his joy in drag.”

Side note: As an interior design fan, I figured my drag name could be…

Alex Miranda: “Ann Tique.”

Group: “Oh, I love that! That’s good.”

But Max says his best advice for slipping into stilettos is to step through the fear.

Max Harwood: “When I got into drag for the first time for this, it was terrifying. Actually, it was other people’s response to Mimi that was, ‘Oh, OK. Here we go.'”

I also asked Miami drag goddess Athena Dion for a little tea.

Athena Dion: “As long as you having fun, your audience will too. So go out there, be your most unapologetic self, and make the world your stage.”

Even Lauren is feeling fabulous.

Lauren: “My drag name is Miss Take.”

Alex: “Oh, my god! Mistake! Haha!”

Yaaasss, hunty, slay!

Max Harwood (as Jamie): “Your room is so tidy, I don’t know how you do it.”

Lauren Patel (as Pritti): “I don’t have as many dresses as you.”

Everybody will be talking about Jamie when the movie streams on Amazon Prime Video Sep. 17.

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