Mauve lipstick for the holidays

One of the most important things for a woman during the holidays is looking cute. And when it comes to your makeup — this holiday season the trends get you out of your comfort zone. Tonight, the cosmetic gods at Nars show us the soft intensity of the season.

The makeup trend this holiday season is smokin’!

Walter Tucci: “This holiday is different than other years.”

Cosmetic king Walter Tucci knows his biz.

Lynn Martinez: “There’s Francois Nars, and then there’s Walter.”

The new look is all over his Instagram.

Walter Tucci: “The smoky eye and the mauve lip with pastel blush.”

A romantic look with mauve being the new nude.

Lynn Martinez: “Does that look good on everybody?”

Walter Tucci: “It does. To me, it’s the perfect nude with a little edge.”

Walter says it’s the one color that pops — without being harsh. They call it smoky mauve.

Lynn Martinez: “My mom had a mauve couch, that does not look good. But I guess mauve lips do look good.”

The trick is how you blend the lips and eye together.

Walter Tucci: “We want to use a soft pencil like this one.”

And check out the best trick ever — rub your brush on the liner, and smudge for a soft smokey eye.

But you can also stick to tradition.

Walter Tucci: “For the classic girl, there’s always the red lipsticks.”

That’d be me. Nars velvet lip has saturated color that stays on!

What goes with that?


Walter Tucci: “So the highlighter will be more as a point where the light hits you.”

The palette comes in four colors for multi dimension or use the whole things and swipe across.

Our model loves her look.

Model: “It’s the perfect look for a holiday party or dinner with my husband.”

So, this holiday season, rock the smokey. And feel gorgeous.

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