Matt Damon gives fans a chance to be Jason Bourne, for charity

In less than a month, Matt Damon returns as Jason Bourne after a 9-year hiatus, and recently, Matt gave fans a chance to become Jason Bourne — all while helping out a great charity. He did it by pranking people, proving that there really is a sucker *Bourne* every minute.

Matt Damon: “This is Jason Bourne. I was wondering when you were going to call.”

It’s just like this scene from the “Jason Bourne” series. Except here, these random people instantly became spies when they are handed a cell phone.

Man: “Hey, the call is for you. Answer it.”

You might say…

Man: “What the [expletive] is this?”

And that right there is the reaction they’re looking for.

Matt Damon: “Hey guys, Matt Damon here.”

To raise money for his charity, Matt teamed up with Omaze to let unsuspecting people feel like they are Jason Bourne.

Matt Damon: “Hayley, I’m going to ask you something and I need the answer to be yes. OK?”

You’re told what to do — but you have no idea it’s Matt Damon on the other end of the phone– so you can understand the confusion.

Matt Damon: “Sir, there is a bridge behind you. There is a man on the bridge. Go to that man, you need to take a package from him. Do it right now.

Man: “This better not be [expletive] illegal.”

Sometimes the instructions were a little odd…

Matt Damon: “You’re going to walk up to that man and say, ‘Great day for a hot dog,’ but do not give him the hot dog.”

And sometimes the instructions had nothing at all to do with the mission.

Matt Damon: “Do you see the woman with the two children? Tell them she has pretty children.

Woman: “You have a pretty child.”

Matt Damon: “That has absolutely nothing to do with what we’re doing, it’s just nice to compliment people sometimes.”

Woman: “Yeah, they liked it.”

If you follow Matt’s instructions, you’re given an envelope.

Man: “What is this?”

Matt Damon: “That manilla envelope is the hottest potato you’ve ever held in your hand.”

Inside that envelope is tickets to the movie’s world premiere in Las Vegas –and best of all, the confused participants find out who they’ve been talking to.

Man: “Now what do I do?”

Matt Damon: “What’s up man?”

Matt Damon: “So you guys just won tickets to the Bourne movie this summer.”

Man: “Awesome man, thanks.”

And you can join Matt at the world premiere in Las Vegas all while helping to give people access to clean water! A $10 donation to gets you entered for a chance to win! Visit for more information.

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