Get ready for some animal magnetism on “The Masked Singer.” One lucky singer trades their mask for the Golden Mask trophy. Yup. Finally, we get to see who’s behind the three remaining masks — and it’s not just about who’s the best singer, it’s about who the audience thinks is the total entertainment package.

Nick Cannon: “Welcome to the Grand Finale of the Masked Singer!”

It’s not over until the animals rock the house!

The Fox: (singing) “Merry Christmas, baby.”

Season 2 of “The Masked Singer” is airing its furry and feathery finale, Wednesday night.

Only three secret celebrities remain — but first…

The Rottweiler: (singing) “Jealousy, turning saints into the sea.”

The Flamingo: (singing) “Hallelujah!”

But first, the Leopard was unmasked last week, revealing singer Seal.

Nick Cannon: “Tell me about this experience.”

Seal: “Boy, it’s certainly one I won’t forget, that’s for sure, but it was a lot fun. I’m kind of sad that it’s over.”

And we said goodbye to Thingamajig, too.

Nick Cannon: “Indiana Pacer Victor Oladipo!”

But it’s still who’s in the game that has us guessing. Here’s a sneak peek at of the finale.

The Fox: (singing) “All you got to do is hold you when you want it.”

Week after week, the Fox has been singing sexy and soulful tunes.

The Fox: (rapping) “Mr. Fox, 30 years in the game. Go ahead put some respect on my name.”

I think it’s singer and Oscar winner Jamie Foxx.

The Fox: “It’s taken me all this time, to find my joy again, wearing a mask, and having no preconceived notions from anyone about what I can do.”

Some say it could be Wayne Brady.

Robin Thicke: “I’ve just been focusing on the vocal tone, the stage presence, and somebody who’s a multidimensional performer, and I think it’s Wayne Brady.”

Speaking of a multidimensional performer…

The Rottweiler: (singing) “I’m still breathing, I’m still breathing.”

The Rottweiler has been serving up some “ruff” competition. He’s a dynamic performer.

The Rottweiler: (singing) “I’m alive. I’m alive.”

I say that cute dawg is former “American Idol” alum Chris Daughtry.

Nicole Scherzinger: “If I’m going off of the voice, I always thought it reminded me of Darren Criss.”


The Flamingo: (singing): “Left a good job in the city.”

Who doesn’t love a cute pink Flamingo?

Jenny McCarthy: “I think this is someone who was a Cheetah Girl, who’s got an incredible singing voice, so I’m sticking with Adrienne Bailon.”

I agree. Behind that beautiful beak is talk show host Adrienne Bailon Houghton.

The Season 2 finale of “The Masked Singer” aired Wednesday night, right here on 7.

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