Wednesday night’s “Masked Singer” was insane, in a good way. The competition is so tough right now, a Grammy winner was unmasked. From the Crab to the Seashell, it was one wavy ride for two contestants who had to take it off.

Twenty-four karat magic was definitely in the air Wednesday night on “The Masked Singer.”

Dolls (singing): “What you trying to do. Ooohhhh.”

Nicole Scherzinger: “Oh, my God, are there four dolls?”

Ken Jeong: “Wow!”

Dem’ dolls there can har-mo-nize. Maybe it’s the Hanson brothers?

A roller skating Yeti? You beti!

He wasn’t just nimble on wheels. He was one of the best performers of the night.

The Black Swan spread her wings with the song “Use Somebody” by the Kings of Leon, dedicated to her mom.

I’m really feelin’ the Chameleon. He’s regulatin’ this show. This lovable lizard is a real rapper. I just know.

I’m not his only fan. Guest judge Rita Wilson was feelin’ it, too, and showed off what she can do.

While the judges got their hip-hop hooray on, two contestants had to take it off.

First up, the kind of cute and kind of creepy Crab crustacean.

Audience members: “Take it off!”

Nick Cannon: “The king is in the building! Bobby Brown!”

R&B legend and Grammy winner Bobby Brown was unmasked.

He did the show for sentimental reasons.

Bobby Brown: “As everybody knows, I lost my two children. I lost my daughter Bobbi Christina, and Iost my son just recently, Bobby Jr., and they were a part of everything I do this for. I do this for my kids.”

We love you, Bobby!

Seashell (singing): “I think we’re alone now. The beating of our hearts is the only sound.”

Last but not least, the sassy Seashell also saying “shore-long.”

Audience members: “Take it off!”

Nick Cannon: “Ladies and gentleman, Tamera Mowry!”

The actress confessed it’s been 20 years since she sang like this on stage.

Tamera Mowry: “To have made it this far means a lot, because I have heard those voices back there, and I was like, ‘What the hell?’ But I had so much fun.”

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