‘Masked Singer’ judges spill tea on Season 4 ahead of sneak peek

Judges on “The Masked Singer” are spilling the tea tonight. Lucky us. Fans will be seeing double for the first time this season.

(singing): “I love you baby!”

Tired of thinking about the pandemic?

(singing): “And I love you baby like a schoolboy loves his page.”

Never fear. “The Masked Singer” is here, even during these crazy COVID times.

Audience members: “Take it off! Take it off.”

Announcer: “Stop! Don’t take your mask off.”

“Masked Singer” contestant 1: “Keep your mask on.”

“Masked Singer” contestant 2: “As part of Global Mask Week.”

“Masked Singer” contestant 3: “Help stop the spread of COVID-19.”

The show is doing a special sneak peek of its fourth season, Sunday night.

It’ll have you saying…

Jenny McCarthy, judge: “I cannot wait to find out who this is.”

The show follows the first NFL double-header of the season. Go team!

The first look will include clues and an opportunity to check out the amazing new costumes.

The mystery celebrity group includes Popcorn, Dragon, Sun, and for the first time, the first duet competitors, the Snow Owls.

Robin Thicke, judge: “It takes the guessing game to a new realm. Now you’re looking for brother-and-sister pairings, or husband-and-wife pairings, or people that maybe were on Saturday Night Live and did a skit together.”

This season, superfans will vote from home.

Robin Thicke: “Sometimes who you think is a front-runner gets beat by a fan favorite. Now, the fan voting at home increases the stakes and the opportunity for unpredictability.”

Of course, Ken Jeong will know “exactly who this is,” and he commends fellow judge Robin Thicke for bringing his A-game musical guessing skills.

Ken Jeong, judge: “It’s just so nuanced that he can just go like this, and you almost think like he’s some psychic mind reader. He was just like, ‘Hmmm, it’s a Sagittarius.’ ‘Hmmm, really shy at parties.’ ‘Hmmm, hmmm, he’s an alto-soprano.’ You’re like a mentalist or something.”

We can’t wait. A special sneak peek of Season 4 airs Sunday night after NFL coverage, right here on 7.

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