Craig Robinson can’t believe his hosting luck. Yup, we’re guessing who the dancers are while Craig Robinson is trying to figure out how he got the job of a lifetime.

Craig Robinson loves hosting “The Masked Dancer,” but what’s an even bigger thrill for him is guessing who’s under the costume.

Craig Robinson: “I don’t know who it is either until, you know, it’s time to reveal, so it’s like that, it’s suspenseful. It’s too much fun, and then, there’s some heart to it.”

Sure, the show is scripted, but Craig always puts his own stamp on it.

Craig Robinson: “As long as I can slide in some absurdist kind of jokes, you know, some one liners here and there, and then boom, boom, boom, and move over. My favorite part is the unveiling going ‘Take it off,’ and then, midway through, I start singing, ‘Take it off!'”

There’s no mask, but Craig gets in a little dancing, too!

Craig Robinson: “There’s always a pose. Little did I know that will be included.”

But he’s not the only one.

Craig Robinson: “Paula and Ken do some choreographed stuff, and then, Brian Austin Green hasn’t a scratched the surface of what what he can do. He’s been holding out, just so you know, America.”

As for the judges, Craig says he’s impressed by Paula’s guesses and her comments.

Craig Robinson: “But it’s Paula, so it’s sweet. You know, ‘Obviously, you can dance your way out of a paper bag, but you’re really committed to it.’ Like, dang Paula! She’s, she’s awesome.”

And as the show reaches the finals, Craig says the competition is heating up, and those mystery celebs just keep surprising.

Craig Robinson: “It’s like, ‘OK, OK, OK, hello.’ Some people I’ve met before. Some people I’m getting to meet for the first time and then even hear about for the first time.”

Catch an all new episode of “The Masked Dancer” at 8 p.m., followed by “Name That Tune” at 9 p.m.

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