Mary Poppins, Venom among characters to grace the big screen this fall

Ahh, the fall season in South Florida. It’s just like summer — hot, humid and clogged with traffic. But for the most part, the movies tend to go from big-budget blockbusters to Oscar bait. There are a ton of fall films to look forward to. Deco’s movie-watching division ate a lot of popcorn and Jujubes while sorting through them all.

Cynthia Erivo (as Darlene Sweet): “Are you lost, father?”

Jeff Bridges (as Father Daniel Flynn): “Can I confess something to you? I’m not really a priest.”

One hotel, seven mysterious guests, including a soaking-wet Chris Hemsworth. Hubba hubba.

A lot of drama is going down in “Bad Times at the El Royale.”

No character is safe or very truthful.

Cynthia Erivo: “People just assume things about other people and then you find out those things aren’t quite what they seem.”

Linda Cardellini (as Diana Hyland): “I’m warning you. You go poking around in her past, you’re gonna find something that is terrifying.”

Speaking of mystery, Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively star in “A Simple Favor.”

Anna’s character gets more than she bargained for when she looks into why Blake’s character suddenly goes missing.

Blake Lively: “The plot twists just really keep you engaged until the last possible moment.”

Anna Kendrick: “It’s not really jokey, but you’ve still got a big smile on your face the entire time even though you’re kind of gripping your seat because you don’t know what’s gonna happen.”

Kyle Chandler (as Deke Slayton): “We’ve got this under control.”

Claire Foy (as Janet Armstrong): “You’re a bunch of boys! You don’t have anything under control!”

We’ve gotta keep reminding ourselves that “First Man” is only a movie, because who could bear having Ryan Gosling leave earth on a dangerous mission?!

Ryan plays Neil Armstrong in the film that recounts the story of the moon landing and Neil’s life leading up to it.

Jonathan Majors (as Johnny ‘Lil Man’ Curry): “You wanna move weight, you come to me.”

Richie Merritt (as Ricky Wershe Jr.): “My dad finds this, he’ll kick my ass.”

Brian Tyree Henry (as Detective Jackson): “Just make sure he doesn’t find it then.”

“White Boy Rick” is another true story about a drug kingpin in the 1980s.

Rick, by the way, was a teenager!

Oh and no big deal, but Matthew McConaughey plays his father.

Matthew McConaughey: “He sells guns that his dad buys and they flip ’em for more money. The FBI comes to him and says, ‘We want you to be an informant because we’ve traced bodies back to guns that your dad made.'”

Tom Hardy (as Venom): “Look into my eyes, Eddie. The way I see it, we can do whatever we want.”

We’d be in for a tongue-lashing if we didn’t mention “Venom.”

Tom Hardy stars as a journalist who transforms into a Spider-Man-like anti-hero with an appetite for bad dudes.

The main bad dude is played by Riz Ahmed, whose mind is still blown over how bonkers the movie is.

Riz Ahmed: “I think it walks a really interesting line between horror and comedy. It’s like an alien that takes over someone’s body against their will. That’s crazy stuff.”

*Mary Poppins descends from the sky*

This is all we’ve gotten to see so far of “Mary Poppins Returns.”

The sequel starring Emily Blunt is due out in December.

Deco asked Emily about it earlier this year because we’re good like that.

Emily Blunt: “Just a little smattering of what’s to come. I’ve seen the finished thing and it’s really magical. It’s just beautiful.”

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