Crowned the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige has reigned supreme for decades

It’s been 25 years since Mary released her most popular album, “My Life”.

Now, a new documentary is showing us the drama Mary lived through while making her music.

Mary J. Blige (singing): “My whole world’s upside down.”

She’s more than just a singer.

Announcer: “Global superstar, double Oscar nominee, nine Grammy awards, the Queen of Hip-Hop and R&B, Mary J. Blige.”

Awards and titles are great, but they don’t tell the story of Mary J. Blige.

She’s leaving that to her new documentary “My Life”.

Mary J. Blige: “What they can expect is the journey of the ‘My Life’ album.”

Mary J. Blige (singing): “Sleep don’t come easy / Boy believe me, since you been gone, everything’s going wrong.”

Mary was living the dream back in the ’90s. She was red hot. Her second album went triple platinum.

But she couldn’t enjoy the ride.

Mary J. Blige: “I didn’t want to live, I didn’t like myself. I thought that everything about me was horrible.”

Mary J. Blige (singing): “My whole world’s upside down.

But Mary’s doubts didn’t break her. And that’s the message to her fans.

Mary J. Blige: “I lived through that, my fans lived through that and that’s what’s important, we are here to tell a story.”

Though she’s the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, Mary told Deco she hopes people see that she’s just like us.

Mary J. Blige: “What makes me one of you is that I am a human being. Stuff you go through, I go through. I’m a regular chick.”

It’s been a journey for Mary J., but finally where she wants to be.

Mary J. Blige: “I’m extremely proud I can say that now. Yes, I’m proud.”

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