Marrion Cotillard and Brad Pitt star in ‘Allied’

(WSVN) - Opening this week along with “Moana” — the movie accused of splitting up Brangelina. In “Allied”, Brad Pitt gets hot and steamy with Marion Cotillard — and it sounds like she also got a little heated with our Chris Van Vliet. What’s up, heartthrob?

Actually, we might never know what went down with Marion and Brad Pitt. But I flew to Los Angeles and we talked. We talked about “Allied.” We also did a little Frenching, as in, I spoke French to her.

Marion Cotillard: “I’ll take the couch. You’ll sleep on the roof in Casablanca, that’s where husbands go.”

“Allied” drops us in the middle of World War II. Brad Pitt is a Canadian intelligence officer who teams up with Marion Cotillard for a mission — and it doesn’t take long for them to start mixing business with pleasure.

Marion Cotillard (as Marianne Beauséjour): “They’re watching us. Now kiss me.”

They’re tasked with assassinating a high ranking Nazi officer and spend much of the movie undercover to pull it off. Which means as actors, they are playing someone who is playing someone.

Marion Cotillard: “I’ve always had to work and prepare myself and to discover and to explore a character much more than what is actually shown.”

But things take a hard left turn when we learn this…

“We suspect your wife is a German spy.”

Brad Pitt (as Max Vatan): “This is insane.”

What’s also insane … Brad Pitt had to learn how to speak perfect French to play this character.

Chris Van Vliet: “I grew up in Canada, so I speak un petit peu of français québécois. How was Brad Pitt’s French in your opinion?”

Marion Cotillard: “Well he did an amazing job because I know how hard it is. It’s a lot of pressure. It’s a lot of stress, but the commitment he had was really impressive.”

“Allied” is directed by Robert Zemeckis — the man behind “Forrest Gump,” “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and of course, the “Back to the Future” trilogy.

Christopher Lloyd (as Dr. Emmett Brown): “Great Scott!”

We’ve heard about the things that “Back to the Future 2” correctly predicted about the future — but the biggest might be Donald Trump, who Zemeckis used as an inspiration for the character Biff Tannen.

Thomas F. Wilson (as Biff Tannen): “I just want to say one thing. God bless America.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Who would have thought that with ‘Back to the Future 2,’ you essentially predicted the situation we’re in right now with Biff and Donald Trump?”

Robert Zemeckis: “No, no, no. We were never audacious enough to think that Biff would run for president. No one would have believed it. We couldn’t have put that in the movie.”

That “Back to the Future” stuff was cool but did you notice how seemingly unimpressed Marion was my French? Those were some of the only French words I remembered from high school. Well along with this… Shireen, Lynn: Vous etes tres belle!

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