Marc Hennes — Helicopter House Hunter

There is no shortage of expensive South Florida real estate, and plenty of realtors to show you around, but Deco caught up with a real estate pro whose business is really flying high.

This is how most people look at real estate.

Marc Hennes: "All right, so here’s the place."

On the ground, walking through a property with a Realtor. But Marc Hennes gives his clients another option.

Marc Hennes: "So today were flying the Robinson R44. It’s a four-seater."

Forget Google Earth. Marc’s clients get to see their dream home from the air.

Marc Hennes: "Before I started doing real estate, I was a helicopter pilot. So I was, ‘How can I combine the two things together?’"

Mark calls himself the "Helicopter House Hunter," and he’s selling real estate on the fly.

Marc Hennes: "It’s just beautiful down here to see all these amazing views of these beaches and the Intracoastal."

As an extra service, Marc takes clients overhead so they can get the lay of the land.

Marc Hennes: "So, Caroline, this is Fort Lauderdale Beach here on the right side. It’s starting about here."

The service is free to anyone buying a house over half a million dollars.

Marc Hennes: "We have an iPad with us so the client can see on the iPad where we’re going."

Marc Hennes: "That’s the house that we’re gonna be looking at, so this is the location. You have Fort Lauderdale downtown, just there on the west and the beach right here."

Caroline: "Beautiful. Really nice."

Marc Hennes: "You can look it up on Google Maps, but it’s not as exciting, and most people have never gone up in a helicopter before, so the experience is just, they love it. They’re smiling from ear to ear. It’s a thrill for them."

Caroline: "The flight was really amazing. I had a great view, and now I saw the house from above, saw the waterways and all the houses around it. Now I can visualize where it is."

And if you’re buying something that hasn’t been built, you can preview your view.

Marc Hennes: "I have one client, he was looking for a new construction condo, but he couldn’t really picture, like, the level that the condo would be at. We went to about the 12th floor, so he got a better understanding of what his views would be."

So, if you’re looking for a bird’s-eye view of your next home, the Helicopter House Hunter could be your eye in the sky.

Marc Hennes — Helicopter House Hunter
823 E. Las Olas Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
(954) 557-6609

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