Mandarin Oriental Miami uses bees to give its guests a luxury experience

Looking for a way to celebrate Earth Day? Here’s a deal people are buzzing about. A SoFlo hotel is using bees to give you a luxury experience. Here’s a guy who’s sweet as honey, Alex Miranda.

One South Florida hotel is literally buzzing this Earth Day.

That’s because they’ve got their own bees making honey that’s good on your plate and good on you.

Mandarin Oriental Miami is buzzing with excitement.

They’ve got bees on the roof!

John Coldwell, Urban Beekeepers: “We are higher atop the Mandarin Oriental in the 22nd floor. Who would have guessed that we would put four bee hives here, and it was successful?”

Why bees?

John Coldwell: “Mandarin is going use them for education for their clients. They are using the byproducts from the pollen and the honey.”

John Coldwell from the Urban Beekeepers has a sweet gig!

He’s in charge of over 200,000 bees at the Mandarin.

John Coldwell: “We have nice bees. They make lots of honey. They make pollen. If you’re a bee, this is a great time of year to be here, just like all the tourists.”

For Earth Day, the hotel created a home for their winged residents.

It’s extreme hive makeover, Miami edition!

John Coldwell: “They just didn’t want to have blue and red and white hive boxes up here. The front of these now look like buildings. You have a cityscape where Mandarin Oriental is located.”

This year, the bees get a new hive, and we get a honey of a deal.

Sharazade Kirton, Mandarin Oriental Miami: “We have thousands of bees upstairs making honey. We are using the honey in several ways, and it’s in celebration of Earth Day.”

From April 22 through the 25th, eat, drink and relax using the hotel’s honey.

Sharazade Kirton: “At the spa, we have a manicure and pedicure where we feature the scrub that includes the honey, and we also have tranquil delight massage scrub, where the honey is featured in the scrub, as well.”

Myla Fineman, guest: “I’ve never done a honey scrub before. You would think it would get all sticky and yucky. It was soothing.”

The golden nectar is front and center in La Mar’s bougainvillea mousse dessert.

Myla Fineman: “It tastes like lemony, honey, crunchy, delicious.”

And, make a bee-line to the bar.

Sharazade Kirton: “At Mo Bar and Lounge, we have an amazing cocktail called bees knees. The ingredients include honey, lemon and gin.”

Bet you know where I’m gonna be this weekend!

Sharazade Kirton: “There are so many creative ways you can experience the honey.”


Mandarin Oriental Miami
500 Brickell Key Drive
Miami, FL 33131

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