Love is in the air and on the big screen. and who doesn’t love — love? Deco sure does, especially a good romantic movie like the new film “Lorelei.” It’s about second chances and rediscovering intimacy.

Character in “Lorelei”: “So what’s the key to self control?”

Jena Malone (as Dolores): “Self care.”

Ryan Finley (as Kurt): “I saw Dolores the other night. Never saw two kids love each other the way you did.”

Pablo Schreiber (as Wayland): “I wrote you.”

Jena Malone (as Dolores): “I wanted to write you back. I got pregnant.”

Love proves to have no time limit for Jena Malone or Pablo Schreiber in the movie “Lorelei.”

The two hook up again after Pablo gets out of jail.

Jena Malone: “Meeting these two protagonists that have had a love affair 15 years prior, and it’s amazing what 15 years can do, but also how time is sort of nonlinear, and they’re able to pick back up a lot of those same dreams that they had when they were tiny.”

The film also talks about second chances, something Pablo knows all about.

Pablo Schreiber: “Oh, my God, I mean, I think this industry is all about not getting it right. I’ve been an actor for 25 years now, and I’ve had plenty of opportunities to get it right.”

Character in “Lorelei”: “You want to move out of the halfway house into your girlfriend’s house. It says here she has a part-time job and three children. Well, she ain’t winning mother of the year award bringing you home.”

You wouldn’t know it from watching it, but “Lorelei” was shot in just 21 days. It wasn’t all fun for the crew.

Pablo Schreiber: “Grueling, fast, tedious. A lot of times you didn’t think it was going to get done. So many challenges out in front of us. [Director] Sabrina [Doyle] made it what it is. So proud of her for what she did.”

Quick shoot aside, the stars hope viewers will be able to relate to what their characters are going through.

Jena Malone: “Who isn’t into a good love story? And eventually everything is sort of a love story in a way, whether it’s a love story with yourself. It’s one of the biggest stories that you can tell.”

Jena Malone (as Dolores): “We were gonna watch the sun go down on Sunset Boulevard.”

Pablo Schreiber (as Wayland): “And not go to sleep until it came up the next morning.”

“Lorelei” opens in South Florida theaters on Friday.

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