Malcolm-Jamal Warner talks about fan favorite character on Fox’s ‘The Resident’

It’s almost time for one of the most anticipated premieres of the season. Fox’s hit show “The Resident” returns Tuesday, and one of the stars is giving Deco his official prognosis.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner (as AJ Austin): “I was listening to my gut.”

“The Resident” is back on Fox, but things could be changing forever.

Jane Leeves (as Kit Voss): “I’m looking at losing two doctors.”

Malcolm-Jamal Warner, who plays AJ, aka The Raptor, is super excited about the show’s return. He says this role means a lot to him.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner: “It’s just been especially rewarding, because we get a chance to highlight and represent the health care workers and the frontline workers who really are the real-life superheroes.”

He also really likes his character, even though he’s pretty different in real life.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner: “His candor, his arrogance, his being brash, not caring what people think about him, all of the things that I don’t allow myself to be in real life. He’s just really in a wonderful place, as a surgeon and as a man.”

AJ is a fan favorite on the show, one reason being the love story between him and surgical resident Mina.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner: “We get a glimpse into the complexity of this AJ and Mina love and her issues with the threat of being deported, which, of course, was all orchestrated by Cain. So, just all of that really ratchets up to the next level.”

That’s just part of the drama still unfolding in Season 4.

Malcolm-Jamal Warner: “It’s not just ‘Season 4 strong.’ It’s strong, so I think we started outwith a bang, and we’re definitely going to go out with a bang as well ”

Malcolm-Jamal Warner (as AJ Austin): “You’re asking me not to spill any blood.”

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