Make yourself at home with unique art at Canvas Miami

Art Basel is great, but when it’s over, the art usually leaves the 305. But some non-Basel art stays in town. More specifically, it can stay with you. That’s because Deco found a spot where you don’t just observe the art — you live with it.

Canvas Miami in Miami’s Arts and Entertainment District is a condominium and an art gallery rolled into one.

Daniel Fila, artist: “It’s a building where people are going to be living day to day lives, and we wanted to make it as interesting as possible for them and in the context of living with art.”

The building will be in move-in conditions soon, but for now, art fans can tour one of its unique features — the original art work.

Daniel Fila: “There’s over 86 original murals within the building, most of which are very long, 70 feet long in some cases. There is black and white and there is full color. There is a range of different styles.”

They call it living art.

You can live with and enjoy the art on nearly all 38 floors.

David Lavernia, artist: “I thought it was very original. I’ve never heard of something like that. I’ve heard of lobby murals and murals at fitness centers inside of condominiums, but never in the actual hallways where the residents will see and be able to interact with it.”

Over 14 artists worked to create murals and prints that line the hallways and public areas of Canvas Miami.

Daniel Fila: “You do what you want to do in your own home, but when you walk into the hallway, it’s a community. That is why we have interactive pieces like chalkboard art, where you can actually go up and draw on the wall, and we invite you to.”

A lot of the inspiration for the art was street art, like Wynwood Walls, but here it’s indoors.

Diana Contreras, artist: “I think it’s really cool that they have original art here. It’s their own. In Wynwood, it’s for everybody. Here, it’s kind of like a secret. It’s special.”

The artists had creative freedom. The only rule was to keep it decent.

Diana Contreras: “I was very inspired by the view here. When I would go outside on the balcony, I would see the ocean, so that was the inspiration for these girls.”

If you want to check out the artwork in Canvas Miami, stop by and ask for a tour — it’s free.

David Lavernia: “Each artist really spent their time in making it very unique, very new, very incredible.”


CANVAS Condominiums
1630 NE 1st Ave
Miami, FL 33132
(305) 570-1800

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