Give the gift of gold this Easter — and we’re talkin’ about edible gold. We found a spot you can hop right over to from now through Easter for a very special egg.

Maison Valentine on Miami Beach has all kinds of pastries — but wait just a minute. What’s that one? Is that a golden Easter egg?

Bastien Dubois, Maison Valentine: “For all Easters, you buy some regular chocolate egg, and now you can eat edible gold with the form of the eggs.”

They’re so beautiful, and a lot goes into making them.

Bastien Dubois: “It’s a long process. It took like 48 hours to do it.”

Forty-eight hours?! Well, we don’t have that kinda time, so here’s the TV version.

They whip up some caramel and vanilla, pour them into trays and freeze ’em for 24 hours.

Bastien Dubois: “Once they’re frozen, we assemble both, put that in another silicone foam with the egg form, and we add the chocolate mousse.”

After another 24 hours in the freezer, you’ve got yourself chocolate eggs.

Then it’s time to carefully coat the eggs with 24-karat edible gold.

Bastien Dubois: “After that, we can create the nest with chocolate on a marble plaque.”

This is practically art. Give the chef a round of applause!

James Jones, customer: “It’s like a masterpiece. You don’t even want to touch it. It just looks like a sculpture.”

But don’t let that stop you from cutting into it.

James Jones: (whistles) “Look at that.”

And enjoying.

James Jones: “It’s really good. It’s not too rich, not too heavy.”

That seems to be the consensus.

Celine Depaz: “I had the feeling that it was really strong, but when you eat it, it’s really light and airy. It was delicious.”

Venturia Dupont: “It was amazing. It’s not too sweet. It’s just right, and I love sweets,”

And for $14.95 a piece, these eggs would make the Easter bunny go hippity hop.

Maison Valentine
1112 15th St.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 922-7942

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