When old friends get together, they want to relax and reminisce about the good old days, but that’s not happening in "Mad Dogs." A pleasure trip to Belize winds up becoming a fight to stay alive.

Billy Zane (as Milo): "It’s schoolyard rules around here. If somebody pushes, you push back."

Michael Imperioli (as Lex): "Are you saying we stole this boat?"

Steve Zahn (as Cobi): "You just implicated us in piracy."

The bonds of friendship are pushed to the limit in "Mad Dogs." Deco talked to series star Michael Imperioli and got the lowdown on this dark comedy.

Michael Imperioli: "Well, these are very ordinary guys in very extraordinary circumstances, you know. It’s not glamorous like "Entourage."

These BFFs find out a lot about themselves when their lives are on the line.

Michael Imperioli: "It’s really about the limits of friendship and the limits of responsibilities to one’s friends when you’re faced with life-and-death situations."

It doesn’t take long before crazy drug dealers, assassins and corrupt police are out for their blood.

Michael Imperioli: "Even though we are friends and the friendship has lasted, there’s some things that happened in the history that were not so nice, so this friendship gets tested both from outside and from inside."

Imperioli plays Lex, a former rock musician who’s maybe the most balanced out of all his buddies.

Michael Imperioli: "Well, I think Lex winds up in this first season being the moral center, the moral compass of the group of guys. I think he’s somebody that’s keeping this group together because of his compassionate nature."

Playing a nice guy was a welcome change of pace for the actor.

Michael Imperioli: "I’ve played a lot of characters who had very little, who had very questionable moral compasses, you know."

You can catch "Mad Dogs" on Amazon Prime.

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