Mac and Chess cafe brings munchies with the fun

Wanna play a game? How about 170 of them? At a new spot in Miami, all you need to buy is a few bucks. But even if you’re not a board or card game aficionado, this place is dishing out something everyone enjoys, and it’s awfully cheesy.

Michael Noa, owner: “We thought it was just a no brainer to get people together to play games, eat good food, drink good beer and have a good time.”

Now if only there was a place that had it all. Checkmate! Look no further than Mac and Chess. It’s not a typo, it’s the 305’s new board game cafe.

Michael Noa: “Board game cafes really specialize in getting people together, getting groups together to have fun, to really spend a night out.”

Mac and Chess is in West Miami-Dade on the Tamiami Trail. And spending the night here is easy when there are so many games … 170 and counting. From the classics like Monopoly and Life, to more recent staples like Ticket to Ride and Cards Against Humanity. Oh, there’s also chess, because obviously.

Michael Noa: “We’re trying to find everything to fit all different groups, all different ages, different crowd sizes.”

Dozens of options, all for just a $5 gaming fee. Sit and play for hours on end. But as the duo masterminds behind Mac and Chess say — come for the food, stay for the games.

Michael Noa: “Everything is done to order, everything is very fresh and everything can be covered in mac.”

Cheese on cheese on cheese. Take a menu item and put mac and cheese on it, or let it be its own dish with your choice of fixins mixed in.

Michael Noa: “It was always something I cooked for my friends when they came over. I was always making different dishes, and the mac and cheese — we always came back to it.”

Louis Ruiz Jr., customer: “I got a Mac and Chess Dog. So it’s a hot dog and it’s covered in their signature mac and cheese. You have to taste it, it’s amazing.”

Plus those fries…

Michael Noa: “Our French fries are hand-cut, in house, blanched 24 hours, double fried.”

Also having local craft beer on-hand doesn’t hurt. Between the games, the food and the drinks — it’s game, set, match.

Janet Manetcon: “I love it. The food is delicious, the beer is great, the games are good. I mean, it’s fun, very relaxing.”

Chris Stratton: “Yeah, it’s a fun time. Chill spot to relax. There’s mac and cheese, there’s board games, the place is called ‘Mac and Chess’. It’s a no brainer!”


Mac and Chess board cafe
12486 SW 8th St.
Miami, FL 33184

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