This movie we’re about to tell you about is as terrifying as it gets because it’s about aging! The horror!

But director M. Night Shyamalan promises there’s much more than a few wrinkles and some senior discounts in store.

Deco’s early-30-something reporter, who swears people say he looks like a late 20-something, has the scary story.

The one place I feel old is on TikTok.

But on one remote beach, even Charli d’Amelio might feel some of that arthritis kicking in, because time isn’t on your side when it goes so fast that your whole life is over in just 24 hours!

Want to go on vacation?

Trailer: “Are we there yet?”

…to a tropical island? Oh, but there’s one catch!

[Sound effects] [Scream]

Here, you age so fast…

Trailer: “How quickly can that happen? Seven years. But she just died.”

Your entire life is over in just one day!

Trailer: “You have wrinkles!”

Now, that’s scary! In “Old,” one family visits a beautiful secluded beach for some fun in the sun. But they get more than just a tan and some Instagram pics.

Director M. Night Shyamalan tells Deco filming wasn’t always a walk on the beach either.

M. Night Shyamalan: “It was paradise and hellacious. Everything the characters were going through, we were going through. We were obviously isolated.”

I mean, how bad could it be? Well, Alex Wolfe says, he would go swimming between takes, but…

Alex Wolfe: “Then the set would wash away, and it would rain nine times a day, and then it would be a nightmare.”

At the center of this thriller is the universal fear of death.

Trailer: “What happened to her? The body has decomposed.”

But, on set, in those elements, the cast got to thinking about life.

Alex Wolfe: “It had me grapple with the past more, and I had a lot of painful memories that I think I shoved in the deep back closets of my mind.”

…their greatest fears…

Vicky Krieps: “I’m afraid that life will be as such that one day I will start to lose myself because I will think that I have to adapt.”

Thomasin McKenzie: “All of these health issues coming on all at once would be terrifying to me.”

Anddd…A few other things.

Alex Wolfe: “Not that there’s anything wrong with being bald, but the older you get some of those vein things are a little scary. I’m kinda scared of little tiny little bumps next to each other. I’m not scared of cockroaches, I’m just horrified of them.”

But no cell service ain’t all that bad, after the panic wears off.

M. Night Shyamalan: “You were there in nature, and I felt like I was a different person. At first, it was difficult. It went away, and I actually found it beautiful.”

“Old” hits theaters this Friday.

It’s based on an existing graphic novel called “Sandcastle.” But before you go looking up the ending, Shyamalan said at the Tribeca Film Festival this year that it’s a “loose” adaptation, and “no one has ever seen anything like it.”

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