MIAMI (WSVN) - The CMX movie theater at Brickell City Centre has officially opened its doors, and it aims to completely change South Floridians’ moviegoing experience.

The VIP Cinema Experience is the first ultra-luxurious theater of its kind in the U.S., and on Monday night, CMX, a subsidiary of the Mexico City-based Cinemex, showed 7News what going to the movies in style feels like.

“As you can see, this is like a five-star hotel of cinemas,” said CMX Director Luis Castelazo. “Everything is upscale, as you can see. The bar, the service.”

Not one, but two bars. On the first level sits the largest indoor screen in all of Florida.

Moviegoers who head upstairs will feel like they’re in a lounge.

Luis Castelazo

“You can actually come here as a one-stop shop,” said Castelazo. “You can actually have dinner at our bar and then go into the movie, or go into the movie, have dinner there and then come to the bar and have a drink.”

That’s all before you even get inside one of the 10 auditoriums. “We’ve got these ninja servers who basically go to where you’re seated, without you noticing them, to bring your drinks or food,” said Castelazo.

Speaking of hands-on service, CMX has its own app. “We have an app where you can actually buy your tickets, but you can also purchase food and drinks while you’re seated, so you don’t actually need to talk to a server,” said Castelazo.

But audience members will hardly be focused on the food or the service, because the actual movie experience is like nothing you’ve seen before. “We’re one of the few cinemas that has a location with all laser projectors, which allow you to see things like, basically, as you see them on TV. Really, really crisp,” said Castelazo. “Once you’re in there, you feel like you’re inside the movie.”

Not in the mood for a movie? That’s OK. You can come to CMX just to hang out. “You can come here to the bar,” said Castelazo. “We often have DJs here at night, so you can simply come to have a good time without actually going to the movies.”

Tickets range in price from $21 to $25.

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