Monday nights are gonna be hell on Earth, and we can’t wait. That’s because Lucifer is getting his own show, called "Lucifer." We talked with star Tom Ellis, and gave the handsome devil his due.

Tom Ellis (as Lucifer): "Feels good to get away with something, doesn’t it?"

What happens when the devil decides to do good? It’s the premise behind the new FOX show "Lucifer."

The show stars actor Tom Ellis, who isn’t just easy on the eyes. He’s kind of a modest, silver-tongued devil, if you will (pun intended).

Tom Ellis: "I’m very proud of this show, so I’m kind of hoping people will watch it, because I think if they watch it, they’ll really enjoy it."

Tom, aka Lucifer, for whatever reason, finds himself helping the long arm of the law. More specifically, helping the LAPD catch criminals.

Tom Ellis: "If there’s any message at the center of it, it’s that people should take a look at themselves, and take responsibilities for their own actions, instead of pawning it off to a mythical etho."

Lucifer becomes a little more human when he befriends Detective Chloe Decker, played by Lauren German.

Tom Ellis (as Lucifer): "You seem oddly immune to my charms."

Lauren German: "Chloe clocks this stuff with Lucifer. She sees that he’s magnetic and women love him; men want to be him. He can get people to tell the truth."

And while the show is about good and evil, the cast likes to say "the devil made me do it" with on-set shenanigans.

Lauren German: "We like to have fun and we like do on-set gags." (laughs)

Tom Ellis: "Yeah, right?"

Lauren German: "We are. We are like little demons, but we’re good, fun-hearted demons."

Lauren German (as Detective Chloe Decker): "You’re coming with me."

Tom Ellis (as Lucifer): "With pleasure."

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